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29 Times People Were Annoying To Others After Learning Their Profession

Image Source: Reddit

You have probably been in such a situation but if you still haven’t, the list below will explain how that feels like. Sometimes, people learn about what you do for a living and immediately feel like you should make a demonstration of some sort, or even worse – they could try to take advantage of that.

1. The geologist

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something that we consider perfect to start the list with. It turns out that geologists are not bothered by people asking them to explain every rock they see. That’s cool, actually.

2. The occupational therapist

Image Source: Reddit

There are more than a few things you could ask someone you barely know but trying to use them as soon as you learned what their job is can be qualified as rude behavior and we don’t tolerate it.

3. The mechanical engineer

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is something you could think about next time you share what you do for a living. This person was probably tired of being asked one and the same thing every time they shared their job.

4. The electrical engineer

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another person who always received requests for repairs after they shared their professional occupation. As you can see, they were even asked to rewire a garage just because they could do it.

5. The paramedic

Image Source: Reddit

Trying to be nice after someone you don’t know at all wants you to do something for them just because you can, is hard. Imagine being asked to examine someone just because you had a medical education.

6. The therapist

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of those professions that can be extremely difficult to share with others. The reasons is obvious: you might end up giving advice you don’t want to give to someone you don’t know.

7. The pharmacist

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another example of a profession that people would always try to take advantage of. Just because someone can do something does mean they are obliged to do it.

8. The writer

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is something we took quite personally because it has happened to us numerous times before. Needless to say, writing a letter for someone would have to be a paid service.

9. The fantasy writer

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another situation that is somewhat similar to the one above. In this case, someone thought that a fantasy writer can come up with a story every given second.

10. The construction worker

Image Source: Reddit

Saying you work in construction is actually not a good idea because this could happen anytime. People would try to take advantage of that and hire you to do repairs for free.

11. The truck driver

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something that we always knew it happened somewhere. This truck driver shared how people assumed that people working as such are also experienced mechanics.

12. The accountant

Image Source: Reddit

Believe it or not, accountants are not some kind of human calculators. Asking someone to multiply huge numbers in their head for a few seconds is completely unnecessary.

13. The law firm

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another example of how people make the wrong assumptions based on what you do for a living. This person worked in a law company which doesn’t mean they were familiar with everything related to law.

14. The graphic designer

Image Source: Reddit

No need to say this but graphic designers are busy people who make a living with hard work using their skills. Wanting one to make something for free is a huge no-no and people should never have such requests.

15. The cameraman

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Image Source: Reddit

Having someone invited to your party simply because you want to use their skills is a big no-no but it seems people do it all the time.

16. The aquarium

Image Source: Reddit

This one got us puzzled because we cannot understand why would someone working at an aquarium is supposed to have the skill set of a vet. This is simply a different profession that has a different purpose.

17. The teacher

Image Source: Reddit

We never assumed that teachers need to go through similar conversations often but it turns out this is the case. This teacher was surely baffled by the odd question this random person asked.

18. The social media analyst

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that this is the kind of professional expertise people should never share. The social media craze is getting out of hand because of people who constantly strive to have a better social presence.

19. The musician

Image Source: Reddit

Needless to say, musicians are the kind of people who always get some extra attention. As you can see here, someone expected a musician to play a certain melody which is not something you ask people you barely know.

20. The accountant

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something we guess accountants experience very often and they are fed up with it. In this case, this person was able to hold it down and not reply to what they had in mind.

21. The firefighter

Image Source: Reddit

This person had a very wrong idea about what firefighters do. They are not simply resting between emergencies. They train and keep themselves in shape in order to be ready for action.

22. The artist

Image Source: Reddit

Wanting someone to paint a portrait for you and to do it for free is surely a rude thing to do but someone still asked for it. No artist should ever agree to do it because it is just not right.

23. The psychologist

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is the kind of thing we never want to be a part of. Such a conversation speaks of zero manners and the suggested reply is pure gold – this is what psychologists should always reply with.

24. The travel agent

Image Source: Reddit

Someone assumed that travel agents would have inside information about the possible end of the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe that the agent in this case was surely baffled.

25. The restaurant employee

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that people are always thinking of ways to not pay for something. We believe that people are never going to learn that restaurant workers rely on their paychecks and tips at the same time.

26. The finance specialist

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another example of someone who thought that this person should give them a helping hand to get rich quick because they can.

27. The astronomer

Image Source: Reddit

Needless to say, astronomers get all kinds of weird questions. This particular conversation was probably one of the weirdest of all.

28. The programmer

Image Source: Reddit

Programmers are probably fed up with hearing this but it is part of the job, we guess. Telling someone that they create code would surely result in suggestions for new apps that would never work.

29. The other programmer

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another example of how people accept programmers. They assume that coders can fix every piece of tech out there.

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