3 Celebrities Who Messed Up Their Wills


Although stars have millions, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their financial affairs are in order. It’s not that unusual for their heirs to be involved in nasty court battles or have to deal with monstrous legal fees due to the late celebrity lack of financial planning.

1. James Gandolfini


Most famous for his portrayal of Tony Soprano on the popular TV show, the actor passed away from a heart attack during a vacation in Rome, Italy earlier this year. His premature death not only brought devastation to his family and numerous fans but also raised a lot of questions regarding whether his will was properly protecting his wife and children. It has been recently reported that the actor has left most of his $70 million estate to his son Michael while his daughter, wife, nieces and sisters are going to receive just a scratch of his fortune.

2. Anna Nicole Smith


Born as Vicky Lynn Marshall, the former stripper married the 89-year-old billionaire J. Howard Marshall II when she was 26. Sadly, the husband passed away just 13 months after the wedding but not before he had changed his will with the help of his son. Neither did the new will acknowledge Smith as a spouse, nor did it leave her as much as a dime.

However, Smith started an epic court battle against Marshall’s legal heirs which continued well after hers and Marshall’s elder son deaths in, respectively, 2007 and 2006. Today, Smith’s daughter Dannielynn,6  from a subsequent relationship is entitled to $49 million of Marshall’s fortune.


3. Gary Coleman



The former child actor didn’t die as rich as one might assume given his success ever since the start of his career back in the 1970s. The actor had several wills drawn, the last one being made in 2007 after his marriage to Shannon Price. In that very will Coleman left everything to Price but as the couple divorced a year later the will was made invalid.

When the actor was 42 he suffered an incident and slipped into a coma. Shannon Price, who was empowered to make medical decisions for him, ordered Coleman’s doctors to disconnect his life support just a day after the accident occurred despite Coleman had previously stated his demand to be kept alive for no less than 15 days in such situation. Also, Price started a court battle claiming she was still entitled to Coleman’s estate as the two of them had kept living together after their legal separation.


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