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30 Dog Pics That Will Make You Smile Every Time You Look At Them

Image Source: Reddit

There are plenty of funny images on the internet but those related to animals are by far our favorite ones. We believe that most people feel the same way, too, which is only natural, as everyone loves dogs, right? Well, not exactly everyone, but the majority of individuals out there either likes canines or have one. The funny images below can warm your dog-lover heart and they can make you laugh out loud, too!

1. The mama

Image Source: Reddit

Parenting is hard even for animals. Despite their instincts, dogs can really get tired of taking care of a huge litter of puppies. This mama dog knows that feeling, it seems.

2. Smiley

Image Source: Facebook

Smiley the dog has never seen his reflection but his humans wanted him to feel good so they kept saying how handsome he was. You can see he feels it – that smile says it all!

3. The mail

Image Source: Facebook

One incredibly smart dog named Pippa loved picking up the mail every time but there were moments where there was no mail for her. The mailman improvised and Pippa was happy!

4. The luggage

Image Source: MD

Here is one very funny situation that you will probably never see in person. This dog looks exactly like the people waiting for their actual luggage.

5. The parents

Image Source: Funnyjink

As we said, parenting can be tough but there are a lot of great moments, too. This happy dog family is here to tell you that there is nothing better than having a great family.

6. The gentleman

Image Source: Imgur

Dogs can be real gents, too, and this pupper is all the proof you need! Just seeing him with that smile on his face happily walking towards the camera is enough to make our day.

7. The gatekeeper

Image Source: Funnyjunk

Here is another ball of fluff to make you say “aww”! The caption of this image is exactly what we would have said upon seeing these pictures. The dog is beautiful!

8. The picture

Image Source: Facebook

Dogs are often hard to photograph, as they constantly move around and ruin the focus. In this case, the dog is more photogenic than anyone else in the image!

9. The toy

Image Source: Twitter

They say you can make everyone happy when you know them well. This is true! Here is what these people treated their dog to! This is how all pets should be treated.

10. The friendship

Image Source: Twitter

We believe that animals can teach humans a thing or two about friendship! As you can see, this dog can always rely on her cat friend when she needs comforting.

11. The wink

Image Source: Twitter

To be honest, we never knew that dogs can wink! This one can do it, at least. The caption of this collage makes it very funny and we couldn’t have thought of anything else.

12. The bite

Image Source: Funnyjunk

This hilarious caption would make a programmer laugh out loud for sure but even if you are not computer-savvy, you will appreciate the humor and the cute pupper.

13. The caring dog

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one simple reason why everyone should get a dog! This is a heartwarming thing for a dog to do and we really think that a human will never have a better friend than a dog.

14. The wedding photo

Image Source: Funnyjunk

We guess that weddings should always incorporate family pets, as animals need to be treated as family members. This doggo made sure to say goodbye to his human before leaving.

15. The post

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one thing that made us chuckle. When this person posted an image of his dog with the request you see, the doggo probably had no idea of the thousands of “good boy” exclamations coming his way.

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16. The cuties

Image Source: Funnyjunk

There is little we could add to this hilarious caption. As you can see, these two cute doggos are the couple we could never be tired of seeing together.

17. The comforting canine

Image Source: Funnyjunk

It appears that dogs are good at comforting not only humans but animals, too. As you can see, this canine is doing a great job comforting this goat, which is a noble thing to do.

18. The swimming dog

Image Source: Facebook

Here is another cute image with a perfect caption. The person who wrote the caption is clearly a Nirvana fan and we congratulate them for the good taste in music.

19. The assistant

Image Source: Funnyjunk

There are moments in life when you realize that some things never stay the same while others remain the same. These images reveal the second kind of situation.

20. The best image

Image Source: Reddit

We are not sure if this would be the result after such a search but we believe that it would be among the best possible results. That smile is amazing!

21. The phone

Image Source: Funnyjunk

No phone has an endless storage capacity except if you are not using a cloud service. It seems that this person will need more than one virtual storage space.

22. The clingy puppy

Image Source: Funnyjunk

Some dogs are so attached to their humans that they cannot let them go even for a second. This puppy is no different. His name is Arlo and he is only calm when his owner holds him.

23. The huge dog

Image Source: Funnyjunk

Dogs are not aware of their size and they sometimes think that they are great lap dogs while in reality, they are way too big to sit on someone’s lap.

24. The rescuers

Image Source: Funnyjunk

We believe that people should always try to help others when they can. This is what this amazing duo did. They saved a goat and its baby which makes them true heroes!

25. The grasshopper

Image Source: Funnyjunk

We have seen numerous different images of animals interacting with dogs but is by far the best one. As you can see, the doggo seems to be happy with his companion!

26. The loyal dog

Image Source: Reddit

This dog chose to stay with his human and read a book with him even when all the other canines in the park were jumping and playing.

27. The flower pug

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that the dog’s face says it all here. The pug seems to be sad at first but after the cone was changed to this, the doggo felt much happier.

28. The sign

Image Source: Facebook

There are signs you should fear but this is not one of them! As you can see, this pupper carries a sign that is too big for his paws.

29. The luggage

Image Source: Twitter

Packing the most important things before taking off for the holidays is important and this person knows exactly what they need to take with them.

30. The conversation

Image Source: Reddit

Imagine just how much this dog must have missed his human! This is the most adorable image we have seen in weeks.

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