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30 Images Showing Things That Would Make You Feel Old

Image Source: Reddit

Time has no mercy! It flies by so fast that we could barely get in the driver’s seat of our lives and we always feel like we need to catch up with something. This is exactly why we often feel as if the years go by at a much rapid pace than we want them to and this makes our perception of the time past a mess! We often think that a certain even was not that long ago while in reality it was ten or fifteen years ago! However, there are constant reminders that cause throwbacks and the ones listed below would probably make you feel old. In fact, you are actually kind of old if you could recall some of them! We know we did!

1. The Blockbuster rule is something we forgot about

Image Source: Reddit

If you wanted to rent a game, you had to find an empty box placed right in front of the other copies!

2. There were no blue screens back in the day

Image Source:

If you show this to someone born fifteen years ago or so, they would probably see it for the first time in their life.

3. There cups were a typical 90’s thing

Image Source: Reddit

Chances are that your local pizza joint or cafeteria had loads of these pebbled cups in various colors.

4. We had no emojis back then

Image Source: Instagram

When these were introduces as an option when communicating online, they looked like this and were called emoticons.

5. This dog was a icon

Image Source: Tumblr

The Jack Russel terrier named Wishbone will forever be a sweet memory to us and all the adventures we saw were super exciting!

6. Here is another character from the past

Image Source: Giphy

Sure enough, you must remember what Gullah Gullah Island was all about, and you spent a lot of time watching the show.

7. Ernest was a really funny character, too

Image Source: Imgur

Jim Varney was super funny as Ernest P. Worrell and this image made us remember all the good times we had watching the movies.

8. Here is one familiar scenery

Image Source: SF forums

Chances are that you recognize this scenery well, because we were all more or less hooked on video games back then.

9. This was a real burden

Image Source: Twitter

While you are able to take multiple images in a matter of seconds now, it was a lot different back in the day. You had to wait for the film to be developed!

10. This was more than an ashtray 

Image Source: Reddit

It was actually fun to play with the massive ashtrays while riding in the back of the family car. This was the only way to chase boredom away.

11. This room was a dream

Image Source: Reddit

We were actually a bit envious of Arnold for the amazing room he had and even now we would be happy to live in it. It would be awesome if some designer makes a modern version of this interior.

12. We did not have a personal PC

Image Source: Reddit

Today’s kids have at least one personal computer and a smartphone, not to mention that most have tablets and iPods as well! A couple of decades ago most families had just one computer at home and everyone had their own account, and it was not pleasant to share the device at all!

13. This brings back memories

Image Source:

If this does not make you feel old, nothing else would! Chances are that you recognized it immediately! These acrylic boxes were used for storing floppy disks, and we had loads of those back in the day! Trying to keep them sorted without one of these was impossible!

14. We actually had to watch Titanic on two VHS tapes back in the day

Image Source: Reddit

When the movie was released back in 1997, it was too long for the capacity of a common VHS tape, so it had to be divided into two parts. If you wanted to add it to your collection, you simply had to have both tapes, and this seems like it was ages ago!

15. These projectors were cool to work with

Image Source: Reddit

Wow, these are really old, but we remember them, so we must be old, too! The overhead projectors were something we used a lot, especially in the early 90’s! Writing and creating diagrams on these transparent sheets was also a lot of fun!

16. The Legends of the Hidden Temple 

Image Source: Twitter

Now this is something you surely remember, if you are old enough, that is! Seeing this images reminded us of the countless hours we spent watching the TV game show, and now it seems just as ancient as the decor suggested!

17. These gadgets were a must

Image Source: Twitter

The technology we had on our disposal two decades ago was really primitive compared to the modern things we are all used to now! You actually needed one of these if you wanted to know who was calling!

18. Video games have come a long way

Image Source:

Wow, seeing this image made us realize just how much video games have changed in the past couple of decades! But we all enjoyed the old school games with their awful graphics and simple graphics.

19. These combined erasers were a thing back then

Image Source: Reddit

Well, they actually did not work as expected. We all believed that the blue part of the eraser was supposed to be used for ink writing, but it never actually worked like that. All you used to get was a mess.

20. This is an early childhood memory of ours

Image Source: Reddit

These plastic treasure chests were given to kids in elementary school each time they lost a tooth, which was actually kind of fun! Some people probably have one of these stacked somewhere around the house.

21. This was a state-of-the-art unit

Image Source: Facebook

Having a combined TV and VCR device was everything back then! It meant that you had a source of endless fun, because not everyone had the luxury of using their own VCR! This must have been more than 20 years ago.

22. We can hear this ad

Image Source: Reddit

These ads are something that we could never erase from our minds! It is one those seemingly insignificant things that you always remember! The deep voice of the man reading this will live on!

23. These rugs are probably still around

Image Source: Reddit

Carpets and rugs with this pattern were a must for every kids’ room, because they were a source of endless fun! Parents were also happy about that because it kept their kids occupied for a long time!

24. Now this is something really old

Image Source:

This is probably something you might not remember but it is the kind of thing that acts like a time machine – it makes you thing for really distant times! This is a chalk holder and it is now probably a collector’s item!

25. This Tootsie Roll add is close to 50 years old

Image Source: Twitter

Well, some things are probably meant to stay longer than it was initially planned! This vintage ad is the best proof! You could still see it despite its age and old school style!

26. This was our favorite game back in the day

Image Source: Pinterest

Come to think of it, this had a lot to do with gambling and this was probably the reason why many kids were hooked on playing ti for hours, us included! We used to get really frustrated when we had little to no luck playing it.

27. This was a constant struggle

Image Source: Twitter

Today’s touchscreen smartphones are easy to operate, but it was not always like that! In fact, we had to work hard to send a single text mesage!

Image Source:

Even the expensive phones had a traditional keyboard, meaning that you had to spend a lot of time pressing those buttons a hundred times each minute!

28. The Zoobooks commercial was awesome

Image Source: Youtube

We guess most people had these at home, and they were the absolute best way for a kid to learn about the animal kingdom! We still remember watching the commercial and we enjoyed it each time!

29. These tags belonged to each Beanie Baby

Image Source: LoveMyBeanies

Toys also changed a lot over the years, and there are things that will never go out of fashion, according to us, at least! The Beanie Babies are among them for sure!

30. Matilda is an all-time favorite to many people 

Image Source: Twitter

The reasons why we love Matilda are numerous and they are probably the same as most people’s! This image made us think about the modern day kids’ shows and movies and the way they have changed. Some may think they have evolved, but we will always like the old ones more! We guess we are not the only ones, too, and this is not only due to nostalgia!


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