30 Images That Will Convince You To Buy A Glass Table If You Have A Cat

Image Source: Instagram

Regardless if you like cats or not, you need to admit that felines can be a lot of fun. In fact, they don’t have to do anything in particular to make you laugh! Their mysterious and weird ways of existence can puzzle you sometimes, but in most cases things end up to be funny. Even when cats are just hanging around or enjoying an afternoon nap, they are doing it in their special way. The list below focuses on one particular thing – the way cats look like underneath when they choose a glass surface to nap on is hilarious!

1. This cutie is not shy at all

Image Source: Instagram

This cute cat certainly loves the attention and has the most curious look on its face.

2. This is a nice view

Image Source: Reddit

These are the perks of having a glass roof over your bed!

3. Here is a glass bowl overflowing with a cat

Image Source: Reddit

This cat was an almost perfect fit inside this bowl but one leg remained outside.

4. This is one playful kitty

Image Source: Instagram

The cutie seems to love the attention and is provoking the human with that tongue.

5. Here is one squished kitty

Image Source: Instagram

Seeing how this cat is absolutely flat against the glass surface is kind of satisfying.

6. This is an interesting sight to see

Image Source: Imgur

The mystery of how the cats fold their paws when they are asleep is now solved!

7. These are the cutest paws

Image Source: Instagram

Here is a really cute close-up on this feline’s paws and we love this photo!

8. This fluffy cat is having a good sleep

Image Source: Instagram

The blissful image you see here describes without a word how much cats love to sleep.

9. Here is another curious kitty

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that the human with the camera under the table surprised this cutie!

10. This cat looks a bit sad

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that this kitty probably felt lonely on top of that table.

11. Just look at the flow this cat created

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that cats are among the most graceful creatures and this image confirms it in a weird way.

12. This cat does not like sunlight

Image Source: Instagram

The kitty you see was probably bothered by all the light around and it just wanted to sleep.

13. Lola and Nina are the best duo

Image Source: Instagram

These two kitties could not get any cuter and their owners are lucky to have them!

14. Here is a cloud-like cat

Image Source: Reddit

The way this feline is sleeping creates the illusion of a hovering cloud!

15. Someone is under surveillance

Image Source: Reddit

This cat probably sensed that someone is cooking a meal and decided to check it out.

16. Here is another set of paws

Image Source: Reddit

Cats have the cutest little paws! They look like jellybeans!

17. Here is one sleeping Garfield doppelganger

Image Source: Reddit

This cute cat is asleep in the most blissful way and seeing it makes us sleepy, too.

18. Even leaning towards the window shows how fluffy this cat is

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that this kitty would be the cuddliest feline ever!

19. Here is one exhausted kitty

Image Source: Imgur

It appears that this cat probably had a long day and it is in a deep state of sleep.

20. These cats are not happy to be observed like that

Image Source: Reddit

If you have never seen a cat that judges before, now you have!

21. Here is surprised kitty

Image Source: Reddit

The cat probably thought that someone was mocking its big belly!

22. This is the funniest sleeping cat on the list

Image Source: Reddit

This chubby and fluffy cat fell asleep in a really funny pose and we want to cuddle it!

23. Someone pissed off this fur ball

Image Source: Instagram

Perhaps the cat was taking a nap before the person who took an image of it woke it up.

24. This kitty wants to say something

Image Source: Reddit

Perhaps if this kitty could speak, it would kindly ask to be left alone to nap.

25. Here is a rather embarrassing photo

Image Source: Instagram

This cat would probably be pissed off if its owner shares this image one more time!

26. This is Pete and he is taking a bath

Image Source: Flickr

Well, Pete chose a rather interesting place to do it!

27. They probably come with peace

Image Source: Instagram

These cute wrinkly kitties look like extraterrestrial entities but we love them!

28. This cat does not want to be photographed

Image Source: Imgur

It appears that this cat has something against being photographed like that!

29. Here is a cat that probably posed for this image

Image Source: Reddit

The perfectly aligned set of paws suggests that the cat wanted to show this human a nice pose!

30. This is almost a selfie

Image Source: Instagram

If the person who took this photo chose a slightly different angle, it would have looked like a cat selfie!

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