30 People Who Definitely Had A Way Worse Day Than You

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We all have bad days! In some cases the things we experience in these periods are worth sharing because they might be amusing to others but the majority of tough days are something we would like to forget. No matter how bad of a day you think you had, there will always be someone who experienced a worst way to fail! The list below is convincing enough!

1. Here is something unexpected

Image Source: Reddit

This person will definitely remember how hot Las Vegas is in the summer!

2. Some Halloween decorations are too realistic

Image Source: Reddit

We cannot blame the person who notified the authorities immediately after seeing this!

3. This is definitely the worst umbrella fail ever

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that this photo was taken at the only possible second and it is too funny!

4. Public speakers need to be careful

Image Source: Twitter

Everyone needs a bathroom break during a presentation but nobody needs to know that!

5. This is some luck

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that this is the worst kind of luck and the odds were really slim for this to happen!

6. This doggo ruined someone’s day

Image Source: Reddit

Someone is going to be pissed when he finds out his bathing suit is gone.

7. Someone probably told her what happened

Image Source: Reddit

Here is what happens when you are in a rush to fix your hair and go out.

8. This spider would definitely ruin someone’s day

Image Source: Reddit

We would definitely not want to meet this huge spider in person!

9. Here is a person who made a poor choice when decorating their bathroom

Image Source: Reddit

The neighbors probably have a worse day than him because they see him but he is unaware of that.

10. This woman tried to protect the wrong thing

Image Source: Me. Me

She probably regretted going down that waterslide after realizing what happened.

11. Here is a scene that looks like it was taken straight out of a movie

Image Source: Reddit

Unfortunately for this man, it happened for real and we hope he was okay after that.

12. Hugh Jackman and Jake Gylenhaal trolled Ryan Reynolds

Image Source: Twitter

As you can see, he is not amused at all by the prank arranged by his buddies.

13. At least she got a nice first pic

Image Source: Twitter

We guess it was worth it having that first photo, considering what happened later.

14. Someone was notified that their package will not arrived on schedule

Image Source: Reddit

That someone later saw the reason why there was going to be a delay in the delivery.

15. One person spilled a bag of coffee grounds on their kid

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, it is easy to guess where the kid was standing at the moment it happened.

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16. These parking elevators are convenient

Image Source: Reddit

The problem is when you forget that your other car is on the top level!

17. This is an unpleasant surprise

Image Source: Reddit

These are not the kind of prints you would like to see before going in that same bed!

18. Here is a kitty with a strong bite

Image Source: Reddit

This cat was able to destroy this MacBook’s display with a single bite and the owner was not happy!

19. Behind this man is the magnificent Mount Rushmore

Image Source: Reddit

Well, at least it was supposed to be there, but the thick fog made it impossible to see.

20. This PC box got waxed

Image Source: Reddit

It is more than obvious why you should never place candles on top of your PC box!

21. This automatic ice generator kept producing ice

Image Source: Reddit

Without the tray in its position, this was probably the only possible result!

22. Here is how a spray paint job can go wrong

Image Source: Instagram

This person definitely had a tougher Monday than yours!

23. Kevin definitely had a lot to explain

Image Source: Reddit

Before this correction was published, this person probably felt more than awkward about this story!

24. Pam saved the day here

Image Source: Instagram

Well, kind of! There was still a lot of damage, but a single spray can prevented the worst part of it.

25. This person forgot about the sticky trap they put down

Image Source: Reddit

After a couple of months, they found this and probably moved to a new home soon after!

26. It appears that this is one tough apple

Image Source: Reddit

The fruit managed to break the apple cutter in half! This is insane!

27. Going on a bike ride can result in this

Image Source: Reddit

Do not go out in the scorching heat unprepared or you might end up like this!

28. Here is how you can feel instantly embarrassed

Image Source: Reddit

If you are not absolutely sure about a certain thing, it is best to leave things as they are!

29. Here is how one turkey caused a lot of damage

Image Source: Reddit

We have no idea how or why this turkey was able to cause such substantial damage!

30. Meeting with a giraffe gone wrong

Image Source: YouTube

Wild animals are unpredictable and this is an obvious reason to be careful during an encounter!

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