30 People Who Definitely Regretted Trusting Online Shops

Image Source: Reddit

Our modern society is getting more and more used to shopping online and even ordinary things as buying fast food and grocery shopping are becoming part of our daily online purchases. However, buying something you can neither see in person, nor smell or touch might be tricky and many of us learn this the hard way. The list below is full of examples and it shows the numerous ways online vendors deceive us, some of which are actually very clever!

1. This is definitely not what this person expected

Image Source: Tumblr

This is definitely the first and last time we see a wave made out of hundreds of pugs!

2. Here is a tank top that was a bit longer than advertised

Image Source: Facebook

This man received a dress from Amazon instead of what he expected!

3. Here is why you should read the small font

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that this pillow case is exactly what was shown in the ad, but the customer did not expect it.

4. This man’s girlfriend was about to go to university and he thought he should surprise her

Image Source: Reddit

We guess it was him who was even more surprised when he saw the custom made pillow he ordered.

5. This face mask is not meant for humans

Image Source: Reddit

This is why you should always check the measurements of the items you buy!

6. Someone ordered this chair because of the cheap price

Image Source: Twitter

It is easy to see that the item is not what the person expected, and they realized why it was so cheap.

7. Someone ordered ’50 Shades of Grey’

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, the eBay seller tricked the person and showed a great sense of humor, too.

8. This was supposed to be a blanket

Image Source: Reddit

You can easily see the difference between the item in the ad and the actual item that arrived.

9. In this case, the dimensions of the product were much bigger than expected

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that online vendor sell oversized items, too! This is one giant pool accessory!

10. Here is another controversial accessory

Image Source: Twitter

This was supposed to spell ‘hopeless’ but it spells something else instead!

11. This is one Chinese punching bag that was not made well

Image Source: Reddit

When you think about it, $20 is a price that does not guarantee any quality.

12. Here is an eBay chainsaw

Image Source: Twitter

This person was deceived but the item they received can also be called a chainsaw, because it features a chain!

13. These are not Adidas Yeezy shoes for sure

Image Source: Facebook

We hope this person was able to receive a full refund, because this looks like a bad joke!

14. This person was not happy about their shoe delivery

Image Source: Reddit

Someone received two left shoes instead of a regular pair and it is infuriating.

15. One business owner decided to furnish the office break room

Image Source: Reddit

Well, the chairs that were ordered were definitely not the appropriate size for an adult!

16. Here is another Adidas Yeezy variation

Image Source: Twitter

We believe that the item you see here is actually cooler than the shoes!

17. This oversized dustpan was ordered via Amazon and was supposed to be a regular size

Image Source: Reddit

It is clear to see that it is probably the biggest of its kind.

18. Nobody could use that scale

Image Source: Facebook

We guess it could be used as a Barbie house decoration.

19. Now this is something we have never seen before

Image Source; Reddit

This is not just a low-quality item; it has no quality or value!

20. This person ordered a comfortable-looking blanket online

Image Source: Twitter

She was frustrated when she got a rope instead!

21. We cannot believe someone sells these

Image Source: Twitter

The price is absurd when you see the actual item – a teddy bear with human proportions.

22. This is a gross find

Image Source: Twitter

Someone ordered these shoes online and found out they were stuffed with boxer shorts.

23. This inflatable pool was probably cheap

Image Source: Instagram

Well, it is not only cheap, but it was unusable, too, since it measured 3 feet in diameter.

24. Someone ordered multivitamins via Amazon

Image Source: Reddit

Well, they got a package full of Chinese finger traps, which is really weird!

25. This husky pillow looks cute in the ad

Image Source: Instagram

When you compare the actual product to the one in the ad, you see that the customer was deceived.

26. Now this is a product that can disappoint anyone who orders it

Image Source: Reddit

This kind of products should not exist at all!

27. This is an even bigger mismatch

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that this person will read all the small details before ordering something online again.

28. Someone ordered two Old Navy shirts but got their order mixed up

Image Source: Reddit

This person was surprised to receive a box of security tags used in stores, as well as a coupon.

29. Buying rings online is definitely a mistake

Image Source: Reddit

This image would probably be more than enough to convince you!

30. This woman ordered earrings from an AliExpress vendor

Image Source: Twitter

After nothing arrived, she wrote the vendor and they wanted proof that she actually received nothing!

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