30 People Who Shared Interesting Pics Of ‘What Happens If…’

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Needless to say, people all over the world can act strangely sometimes. They might be tempted to try something new or keep doing the same thing over and over for decades. This always results in funny conclusions and effects. If you ever wondered about what would happen if you did something in particular, chances are that someone has already done it so you don’t have to. In this list, people shared what would happen if you do random things, and it is super curious.

1. The Chicago skyline

Image Source: Reddit

This is the effect caused by the phone vibration in the very second when the camera took the image you see. The skyline is a bit distorted.

2. The shirt

Image Source: Reddit

This is how one T-shirt looked like after someone cramped it in the back window for many months. The sun burned the color and created a pattern.

3. The bamboo

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that people cause more damage to nature than we imagined. This bamboo grew without people touching it during quarantine and you can see how it stands out.

4. The road

Image Source: Reddit

It looks like this road had the tough luck to be exposed to a severe storm. It washed away a huge section of it and tilted in on the side.

5. The marble

Image Source: Reddit

Someone decided to fool around with a marble. They heated it using an exposed flame and then dipped it in hot water. This is an awesome result.

6. The soap

Image Source: Reddit

Here is what one genius person did. He refilled his soap container before it completely ran out of white soap. He used clear soap for the refill and this happened.

7. The car interior

Image Source: Reddit

This is not the aftermath of a fire or something like that. What this is the result of a hungry bear that broke inside someone’s vehicle. Ouch!

8. The pattern

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one curious pillow pattern that was not the desired effect. The insect was stuck between the fabric and the printer during production.

9. The coconut

Image Source: Reddit

This is not a bowling ball or a brass ornament although it looks like it. This is a coconut that someone took their time to polish to perfection.

10. The hair

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is something really curious. Someone noticed one of their hairs got stuck in a zipper. The hair was shaped like this after they pulled the hair out.

11. The wood

Image Source: Imgur

It appears that what looks like a piece of art is nothing but the effect created when you run high voltage through a wooden plank.

12. The beach

Image Source: Reddit

Talking about high voltage, here is how a beach in Scotland looked like after a lightning strike. The power was surely immense here.

13. The fountain

Image Source: Reddit

People love a good joke and what better to laugh at than this! Someone put a lot of dish soap in a fountain and this is the hilarious result.

14. The fog

Image Source: Reddit

Windmills are awesome to see but this scenery makes these amazing engineering feats appear even more spectacular. They dispersed fog with their blades!

15. The oil fire

Image Source: Wiki

It is obviously a bad idea to try and put out an oil fire using nothing but water. It seems that it makes matters worse.

16. The fruits

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Image Source: Reddit

Someone left a banana and an apple in their office desk drawer for six months. This is the end result – the fruits are completely dried out.

17. The rose

Image Source: Reddit

Here is what happened after one person experimented and added blue food colorant into the water they poured in this white rose’s pot. Just wow!

18. The birdseed

Image Source: Reddit

One person’s mother decided that it was a good idea to microwave birdseed before feeding it to the birds. This is the result.

19. The basketball hall

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one curious image that has a reasonable explanation. The waves were created when the water pipes burst.

20. The golf course

Image Source: Reddit

There are moments in life when you just need to step back and be humble when you see the power of nature. This is such a moment.

21. The dish

Image Source: Colossal

Here is one curious result of an unlikely experiment. The petri dish pictures is full of agar and an 8-year-kid put his hand in it.

22. The lemons

Image Source: Reddit

We had no clue that lemons and lime were so different! Here is what happened when someone put both in water.

23. The asphalt

Image Source: Reddit

This is one very curious image. No, it is not some weird piece of art but rather a work of nature. A lightning stroke asphalt and this is the result.

24. The cement

Image Source: Reddit

Here is what water did to this cemented canal over a long period of time. Erosion caused a big layer of the cement to be simply washed away.

25. The wheel

Image Source: Reddit

The amazing effect you see here was created by something very simple. Water froze while this wheel was still spinning, creating this curious pattern.

26. The light beams

Image Source: Reddit

This is what happens when light from four separate light beams comes through a slightly opened door. This is amazing to see and we’ve never encountered such an effect before.

27. The maple syrup

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of the most curious entries on the list. We have all probably done a similar thing. Leaving something in the back of the fridge for a really long time and forgetting it existed. This person found the maple syrup after a couple of years and it looks different now.

28. The grass seeds

Image Source: Reddit

We know that this is not an unusual sight but it is still curious. Someone left a bag of grass seeds sitting outside and the grass simply grew out of it.

29. The spoon

Image Source: Reddit

This person used the same spoon to stir their coffee for 45 years straight and you can see just how worn down it is. Simply amazing!

30. The coconut

Image Source: Reddit

Someone was curious to see what a frozen coconut would look like. They left in in the freezer and it cracked open by itself!

31. The corrosion

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something that can not be seen everyday. The corrosion on this water tap looks exactly like a map to a hidden treasure.

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