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30 Pics Of Dads Who Nailed Parenthood Like A Boss

Image Source: Reddit

People who have kids know that giving them the attention they need is everything: kids want to bond with their moms and dads. This creates the kind of relationship that makes wonders: adults learn how to have fun with their offspring while kids learn to listen and to cooperate with their parents. Dads, in particular, have unique ways to bring parenthood to a new level. These images show how they do it.

1. The first day of school

Image Source: Reddit

This is one image that probably not many parents can relate to. Sure enough, they feel weird when their kids go to their first school day but they don’t overreact like this.

2. The funny dad

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a man who is not just a great father; he is also the true head of the family. He was alone at his office so he decided to cheer his whole family up by sending them this picture.

3. The sample

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of the moments when every child would be proud of their dad. This father learned to operate his home 3D printer and he used his skills to have fun with the stool sample his doctor wanted to examine.

4. The Pink Floyd member

Image Source: Reddit

Celebrities need to set an example for the millions of fans who adore them and Dave Gilmour from Pink Floyd knows that. Here he is, helping his daughter Romany tune her guitar.

5. The coach

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one lesson about fatherhood that most dads need to learn well. This person probably knew that doing the right thing was the only way. We respect that.

6. The selfie camera

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one of the things we love about dads – they always know how to give an example. In this case, the father showed that caring for an animal is the purest kind of love.

7. The dad joke

Image Source: Reddit

This is what dads do throughout their whole fatherhood: they come up with dad jokes. Having a father who always thinks of such hilarious things is a blessing.

8. The bigger dad joke

Image Source: Imgur

We believe that most dads are able to pull off jokes such as this one. This is another level of joking and while the dad was proud of it for sure. His kid was surely on a different opinion.

9. The neighbors

Image Source: Reddit

One person took this picture of their dad. He enjoyed his newly established Internet connection and spent some time showing videos to the neighbor’s horses.

10. The first time

Image Source: Reddit

This girl is happy with her cake despite the weird message on it. The cake was prepared by the mother who promised the treat if her offspring managed to use the potty by herself.

11. The clarification

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that this father bought that beer brand on purpose because he planned to put that label on it.

12. The light therapy

Image Source: Reddit

This is how one proud father decided to set the mood during his newborn son’s light therapy. We bet the nurses immediately knew he was going to be a great father.

13. The dad outfit

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how this person celebrated becoming a father. He showed up in a complete dad outfit, including the shoes, the socks, and the pants. His wife is as happy about the outfit as him, though.

14. The censorship

Image Source: Reddit

This dad was asked to hide his baby’s face by the mother. She didn’t want the baby to be seen on social media. He did it in his own style and is now forbidden to do it again.

15. The wig

Image Source: Reddit

Babies are very perceptive and you can see how amazed this child is after seeing dad with a wig on. This is the kind of fun kids and dads should have together.

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16. The land

Image Source: Reddit

This proud dad bought some land and wanted to explore it. His offspring took this picture of him when he decided to literally try the land out. He obviously has a sense of humor.

17. The waterfall

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a dad who really wanted to have some nice pictures taken while at Yosemite. As you can see, he chose to have a picture in front of the waterfall and he posed in his own manner.

18. The meal

Image Source: Reddit

One dad really wanted to make something special for Halloween and he decided to cook. He was able to come up with a “feet loaf” and you can see it suits the theme just right.

19. The changed father

Image Source: Reddit

This dad wanted to have some fun so he told his offspring that they would hardly recognize him because of his weight loss. He wanted to make sure he was unrecognizable so he added a few details.

20. The interruption

Image Source: Reddit

This is how one funny dad decided to drop in while his kids had a Zoom class. He thought that it was great revenge for when they ruined his work calls.

21. The babysitter

Image Source: Reddit

Dads would use every possible moment to have some fun with their kids. This is how a father spent some time babysitting his kid for the first time.

22. The wedding toast

Image Source: Reddit

Knowing her dad, the bride wanted him to limit his toast to a single page. Well, he did, but he also defeated the system.

23. The funds

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how sweet dads can be. One person showed how their father regularly sends money and postcards for their dog. That is cute!

24. The shirt

Image Source: Reddit

This is the shirt one person made for his toddler after he was irritated by something. They charged him at the hospital to let him hold his son. He thought he should have his revenge.

25. The baby pictures

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one dad trolled his offspring. He told them he found some baby pictures of them and then gave them these. You can see why that must have been super fun.

26. The measurement

Image Source: Reddit

This is one really curious way to measure something. A wife asked her husband to measure the table and received this picture as a reply.

27. The defeat

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one dad showed no mercy and defeated his daughter in numerous games on their PlayStation. It seems that this is not the kind of memory a kid would like to have, though.

28. The dad uniform

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that dads feel the urge to show how happy and proud they are with their newborns. This father planned that moment and showed up to the hospital like this.

29. The awesome dad

Image Source: Twitter

This little girl had an accident at school – the kind that would make her feel embarrassed. Her dad knew he had to do something so he went to pick her up like this.

30. The pool

Image Source: Reddit

Dads sometimes need to be there for their kids but in other cases, they just have to show them how to have a good time, just like this.

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