30 Pics Will Showing How Weird And Funny Huskies Can Be

Image Source: Reddit

Dog lovers are perfectly aware that there are many differences in the ways dog breeds behave. Some dogs are always acting like they want to enjoy life to the fullest and they constantly react to everything that happens to them. This is especially true for huskies, and their reactions are more than hilarious! If you ever had a husky or you simply spent an hour with one, you definitely know what we mean. If you didn’t have the chance to interact with the breed before, the list below can give you an idea about what living with a husky is like!

1. This is what happens when felines raise a canine

Image Source: Reddit

It seems impossible but it apparently happened! This doggo was raised by cats and it shows!

2. Here is one cute pup litter

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that the shades of the puppies’ fur create an awesome pattern!

3. This dog was deceived

Image Source: Instagram

Someone pretended to throw the ball for the dog to catch, and you can see the dog is not amused at all!

4. Here is a dog that wants to be a cat

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, the dog managed to pull it off and it looks exactly like a cat, only bigger.

5. This husky got a new sister

Image Source: Imgur

It is more than obvious that he accepted the new addition to the family but the eyes say it all!

6. Just look how happy this doggo is

Image Source: Greatbendpost

Even something as simple as a stick can bring a huge amount of joy to a husky!

7. This mess was done in just three hours

Image Source: Imgur

However, the dog was not allowed on the bed so there was only one paw print on it!

8. Here is a cutie having a good time

Image Source: Twitter

It does not take much for a husky to have fun and this image shows exactly that!

9. This is what we call having a blast with your best buddies

Image Source: Banana

These huskies are interest in the pizza for sure, not in the movie!

10. One person was surprised by this unexpected visitor in a public restroom

Image Source: Reddit

The husky sneaked in, stayed for a few seconds and ran away.

11. Here is a husky hiding its limbs

Image Source: Reddit

The reason for this action is the family toddler. The kid apparently liked grabbing and pulling the dog’s legs!

12. That face can melt anyone’s heart

Image Source: Reddit

Huskies thrive in cold weather but they also love running around the beach!

13. This husky is a goofball

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, the huge dog was scared by a much smaller Jack Russell terrier!

14. The owner of this husky promised that tomorrow will be time for poll activities

Image Source: Twitter

The husky remembered and jumped in its pool despite the fact it was empty!

15. This is a white husky

Image Source: Reddit

It hard to tell it is all-white because of all the mud an dirt it collected during playtime!

16. Someone was not included in the selfie

Image Source: Imgur

As you can see, the doggo in the back is not happy to be left alone and not included in the selfie.

17. Here is one beautiful family

Image Source: Reddit

You can easily tell just how much love these dogs have between them!

18. These pets are true siblings

Image Source: Reddit

Of course, they might be different, but they have the exact same look in their eyes

19. Here is another cutie doing goofy things

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that this can definitely count as a special skill!

20. The new neighbors wanted to say ‘hello’

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that these dogs are as friendly as a dog can be and we like their attitude!

21. Here is a random episode of a husky’s life

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that this dog tried to see the world from a different perspective.

22. There is nothing like a cute smile to brighten your day

Image Source: Reddit

This 13-year-old doggo just wanted to greet everyone with a huge smile!

23. This one is pretty accurate

Image Source: Imgur

It is hard to wake a husky’s interest unless food is involved in some way!

24. Playtime can get rough

Image Source: Reddit

Well, even when playtime gets a bit rough, huskies still look more than adorable!

25. Here is one excited husky

Image Source: Imgur

The big doggo is overexcited when someone comes to the front door!

26. These dogs look like they are part of a cult

Image Source: Pinterest

Of course, the image is purely accidental but we really like it!

27. Huskies cannot stand against cats

Image Source: Reddit

In most cases the cat wins, despite the huge difference in size! It is all about attitude!

28. Here is a disappointed and surprised husky

Image Source: Reddit

The reaction was caused by its owner not sharing a burger with the hungry doggo!

29. This husky appears to be really comfortable

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, the body posture speaks of peace of mind and we wish we were as relaxed!

30. Here is a husky’s reaction after seeing a kangaroo for the first time

Image Source: Pinterest

It is easy to see that this doggo is stunned by the strange creature!

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