30 Pictures Showing Us That The World Is Not So Bad After All

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We seem to lose our faith in humanity from time to time when negativity starts building up around us. While there will always be negative things around us, we need to focus our attention to the positive vibes! There is a lot of uplifting content that you could find online. It takes only a single positively charged image to brighten your day and convince you that the world is a wholesome place to live in! This is what the list below is all about.

1. Kindness in its purest form can be seen here

Image Source: Facebook

Kindness and compassion towards animals is the best thing a human being is capable of.

2. Siblings adore each other

Image Source: Twitter

What this little girl did to comfort her sibling is beyond words!

3. This is what we call the right spirit

Image Source: Reddit

This person is disabled but he became a father anyway and his spirit is as strong as ever!

4. Here is something to cry happy tears about

Image Source: Reddit

This image should be the definition of love for everyone from now on.

5. This is a noble thing to do

Image Source: Reddit

We believe both the dog and its owners were more than happy about these walks.

6. Treating everyone equal is the way to go

Image Source: Facebook

We believe this girl received the best service and the people who did it for her are real heroes!

7. A simple sign like this means everything

Image Source: Reddit

The words on the back of this truck describe the kindness of our human nature!

8. This cutie is more than happy

Image Source: Facebook

The smile on this cute kid’s face is worth a thousand words!

9. Here is one cool story

Image Source: Reddit

Apparently this tree owns itself and the land around it, making it impossible for someone to cut it down.

10. Nike proved to be the coolest company once again

Image Source: Reddit

They offered a contract to the Justin Gallegos, an athlete suffering from cerebral palsy!

11. Here is one special doctor

Image Source: Reddit

He realized his patient was illiterate so he designed a special prescription!

12. These friends met for the first time after playing games online for years

Image Source: Reddit

They have never met before and gathered around on them. The boy named Joe had Ewing’s Sarcoma.

13. Here is an honest answer

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that many dog owners would respond the same way!

14. Dogs can definitely communicate on another level

Image Source: Reddit

When the senior dog on the right had to be put down, the other two dogs knew it and said goodbye!

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15. Here is what someone found after playing the ukulele outside their house

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that people can be extra kind and let someone know then they are good at something!

16. This autistic boy finds comfort in mowing the lawn

Image Source: Reddit

As long as he has that huge smile on, he will definitely be okay!

17. This woman will always be daddy’s little girl

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, some things have changed in this family but will always be the same!

18. Someone stood against their depression

Image Source: Reddit

I=It may not look like much, but this person surely felt great after cleaning that mess!

19. This sweet couple recreates their first photo

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that what you see here can be described as couple goals!

20. Yasuteru Yamada and a couple of hundred other pensioners helped clear the Fukushima area

Image Source: BBC

Yamada knew that cancer was not a threat because he had no more than 15 years left to live.

21. These people got married after 25 years of being divorced

Image Source: Reddit

They bonded again, bought themselves a farm and even managed to create this wedding portrait!

22. This is a heartwarming image

Image Source: Reddit

It is the aftermath of the adoption day at a Tampa shelter!

23. This lady used to visit a McDonald’s location every morning and drink coffee

Image Source: Reddit

On her 90th birthday the staff there threw a real party in her honor and that is just awesome!

24. A random stranger taught a younger man to fold origami

Image Source: Reddit

The elderly gentleman used a dollar bill to show the other man how origami is created.

25. This person is happy as ever on his 95th birthday

Image Source: Reddit

He even joked about it that he will no longer worry about passing away at an early age

26. Here is a man named Terry who volunteered at a cat shelter

Image Source: Reddit

He does it every day and he even cuddles with his feline friends when he happens to take a nap!

27. This is how you support your kid

Image Source: Reddit

After the 4-year-old toddler underwent his first chemotherapy, his mom got the same haircut to make him feel better!

28. Here is what people in Norway do when they have too many apples in their gardens

Image Source: Reddit

This is the epitome of kindness and the will to share with others!

29. We believe that this is the sweetest tribute possible

Image Source: Reddit

Whoever did this surely loved their dog as much as a person can love another creature!

30. Richard is a living legend

Image Source: Twitter

A thoughtful thing like that will be remembered for a long time! Richard definitely knows how to cheer people up!

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