30 Unforgettable Proms That Will Definitely Be Remembered

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Everyone would like to have the best prom night, right? People are willing to pull off all kinds of stunts just to make it a memorable one, but there is more than one way to achieve that! You see, making a good impression or a flashy entrance would definitely make it a night to remember.

1. We guess that couples should follow a certain plan for the night

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No wonder this person was surprised – the end result is not what he expected!

2. This was the tweet that started the hashtag

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We guess that most funny trends begin on Twitter!

3. This must have been embarrassing

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We cannot imagine spending the entire prom night having a parent constantly watching us!

4. We actually find this to be super funny

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Sure enough, prom night and KFC is a weird combo, but this girl has a good sense of humor!

5. This is an unusual choice for an outfit

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Well. there must be a reason for this couple’s choice, but we guess they made an impression!

6. This was going to be huge

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The girl was lucky it didn’t happen in the middle of a dance, but the tailor saved the day!

7. This is kind of weird, actually

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In fact, by today’s standards this could easily be considered strange, too!

8. Nick Jonas would be proud, kind of

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Well, we guess some people might actually accept this as a funny thing to do.

9. This is exactly what we mean

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Times change and what was considered funny some years ago might not be accepted as such today.

10. This is the perfect date

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We guess that the cute doggo is the best date, because dogs do not disappoint!

11. This was a more of a win rather than something else

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Well, it was not the typical prom night appearance, but it was a cool one given the circumstances!

12. Now this is a good pic

Image Source: Twitter

We are more than certain that this is something this girl regretted years laters.

13. This is what we call making the extra effort in order to make things work

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The tie really added to the boy’s appearance, but he was still not happy with the end result.

14. We know who drove

Image Source: Twitter

This boy was worried about his height but he should have been happy she chose him anyway!

15. We guess that it was not the right way to go

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Maybe even walking would be a better option that riding a bicycle to prom!

16. Now this is the best prom dress we have ever seen

Image Source: Twitter

There was no way for the girl to wear this thing.

Image Source: Twitter

Of course, the mother had to get her deposit back, and she was right to do it!

17. This is a reminder to be careful when you shop online 

Image Source: Instagram

This girl realized the dress she ordered did not look as good on her as she expected.

18. This is one curious photo

Image Source: Twitter

We understand the confusion this girl’s dad felt but the most important thing is that his daughter found love!

19. This is kind of strange

Image Source: Twitter

People love to pull off all kinds of silly things in order for others to notice them, there must have been better ways to do it!

20. Here is what call the right attitude

Image Source: Twitter

Instead of feeling sorry for himself, this boy took matters into his own hands and handled the situation like a boss!

21. Now this is awkward

Image Source: Twitter

We are not sure if this was a mistake or a joke, but one thing is for sure – it was not a pleasant thing to happen.

22. This was definitely unexpected

Image Source: Twitter

This girl and her date posed for a photo in front of a green screen, but her dress was the same color, so this happened.

23. This is really unusual to see

Image Source: Twitter

We are not sure whether to consider this funny or to feel sorry about this man, but it is a sad thing to do.

24. This was an original attempt to ask someone to be your date

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that the whole thing proved to be too strange for the person she wanted to ask to be her date.

25. This must have been weird to be seen

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that this person’s girlfriend had a great personality in order for her to agree to just stay at home.

26. We guess that this is not exactly as the hashtag suggests

Image Source: Twitter

In fact, having someone who wanted you to be his date means that people like you! It probably didn’t happen, though.

27. This sounds like TV series episode

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We are more than certain that it must have been a really wild night for everyone present!

28. This does not sounds so good

Image Source: Twitter

We are more than certain that the right thing would have been for this person to chase the girl and tell her.

29. Here is not so good idea

Image Source: Twitter

We wonder why would someone wear a bright green dress to prom anyway!

30. We hope this girl had an alternative dress to wear to prom

Image Source: Instagram

Well, it is easy to see that the actual dress has nothing in common with the photo featured in the add.

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