31 Funny Times Photoshop Master James Fridman Joked People Like A Boss (New Pics)

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Photoshop is not easy to master. Despite the challenges, some people are real wizards when it comes to altering images. When it comes to having fun with this software, there is nobody bigger than James Fridman! The notorious Photoshop master is well-known for his hilarious way of trolling people by replying to their image altering requests in a savage way. Sometimes the artist shows how cool he actually is by encouraging people to embrace their differences.
Fridman is now back, and he is better than ever. The images below prove it.

You can check out more of Fridman’s work here:


1. The man in the back

Image Source: Twitter

Sure enough, this request was not sent by the dog, but you know exactly what Fridman did here, and we love it!

2. The orb ball

Image Source: Twitter

This girl was definitely not expecting this result, but, come to think of it, she got exactly what she asked for, didn’t she?

3. The boys

Image Source: Twitter

Well, the boys were probably not surprised to see this result after they read their request one more time. They are definitely outside in the second image.

4. The golf game

Image Source: Twitter

This one might be a bit too savage, but it is what would have likely happened if the man with the golf club tried to swing. Do not try this at home!

5. The realistic bear

Image Source: Twitter

Well, there is no doubt that the altered image is definitely a realistic one. This would have been the outcome of such an encounter for sure.

6. The fountain

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one super fun image that this tourist should have seen coming when making the request. Friedman did it again!

7. The fix

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes people have the weirdest requests, and James never misses an opportunity when he sees one. The image speaks for itself.

8. The cool place

Image Source: Twitter

Well, we guess people will never learn to be as specific as possible when asking Fridman to alter their images. This is a cool place, indeed!

9. The pole

Image Source: Twitter

This girl looks perfectly fine in the image but she still wanted a change, and James delivered! She is definitely holding the pole in the second image.

10. The tree

Image Source: Twitter

This is another really good photo, but the person in it wanted it to look different. Well, it sure does look different now.

11. The hole

Image Source: Twitter

We can see why this person wanted the image to be changed, but the thing Fridman came up with is super funny.

12. The bowtie

Image Source: Twitter

Imagine that: these people were not happy with the photo only because their son’s bowtie was not leveled straight. It is not, for sure.

13. The ducks

Image Source: Twitter

As you can see, this couple’s request for having ducks as a background was answered to in the best possible way!

14. The setup

Image Source: Twitter

Friedman probably saw this opportunity right away, and he executed it perfectly! Now, the person in the middle looks more natural.

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15. The other man

Image Source: Twitter

Of course, this couple wanted the person in the background to be removed from the image, but Fridman is also technically correct in his answer to their request.

16. The odd request

Image Source: Twitter

We are not sure if this girl was aware of what she asked James to do, but we know that he immediately got to work when he saw the request.

17. The people

Image Source: Twitter

Well, all the other people in the image are now gone, and we mean all of them. This person was probably surprised to see this result.

18. The view

Image Source: Twitter

This is probably one the mildest request responses Fridman posted. He fulfilled the request and made the image a whole lot better!

19. The buckle

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one more strange request that we believe Fridman loved to tackle. He enlarged the buckle quite a few times its original size!

20. The tall person

Image Source: Twitter

Well, we guess that unkind requests like this one here deserve such a response. James knew exactly what to do, and he did it!

21. The more leaves, the better

Image Source: Twitter

This person was not happy with the tree behind him, so he decided to ask James for help. It was the best decision ever because we get to see what the artist came up with, and it is super cool to see!

22. The savage tattoo

Image Source: Twitter

As you can see, James never misses a chance to troll people, especially when he gets requests like this one. He responded to this person’s idea of an altered image in his own style.

23. The strange request

Image Source: Twitter

We are not entirely sure what this person requested. Maybe he wanted another chair; in this case, he got it!

24. The face

Image Source: Twitter

We understand why this request was made, but we know James would have never done anything different than the thing he did here.

25. The tower

Image Source: Twitter

Trying to touch the top of a landmark such as this one would be hard, but James was able to deliver once more. Maybe this person was not aware of the fact that what she wanted was impossible.

26. The museum

Image Source: Twitter

This person was definitely a fan of James’ work, and we guess that he knew that the end result would be something similar to this! This piece of work shows just how good James is at what he does, and people need to keep sending him requests.

27. The birthmark

Image Source: Twitter

James didn’t even touch this photo, because he wanted to encourage that person to embrace the birthmark. We agree with James, too: the birthmark is what makes a person truly unique. This person is beautiful!

28. The reflection

Image Source: Twitter

James has done numerous requests involving reflections, but this one has got to be his best one yet! This girl was definitely not expecting such a result, and we love how realistic it looks!

Written by Sven Miller

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