31 Of The Most Relatable #OfficePartyFails On Twitter

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Office parties are fun until something unexpected happens, after which they become even more amusing! It seems that throwing one such party is no easy task, as there are a lot of things to think about. Even with a perfect organization, things could still end up in an unexpected way, leading to failure. The ones listed below are some of the funniest you will ever see. Most of them are replies to Jimmy Fallon’s #OfficePartyFails hashtag that became viral on Twitter.

1. The gift

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We love the idea with these gifts in the office but there could be moments that are indescribable, such as the one tweeted by this person. It must have been awkward.

2. The flirt

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Office parties are also a great way to meet coworkers you never knew before. This person had the audacity to speak to none other than his boss’ wife.

3. The move

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Trust falls are dangerous, as one must be sure that the crowd below will catch them. This boss learned the hard way that his employees cannot be trusted.

4. The award

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Now, this is the kind of situation nobody would like to be in. We guess that all the coworkers of this person would feel really bad if they learn that she never went to compete.

5. The embarrassment

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Sometimes, the best way to avoid trouble is to stay put. This person, however, was obviously destined to be embarrassed. She didn’t have a drink but still became the life of the party.

6. The ex

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There are only a few things that could be worse than this. Imagine how this person must have felt after what happened here. We guess that this situation was the epitome of awkward.

7. The gifts

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There are more than a few great gift ideas we could come up with but this one is definitely the best one. Imagine if someone was gifted a bunch of cucumbers for X-Mas! That would be great.

8. The hook-up

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This moment appears to have been an epic one! We wish we were there to see it happen. Maybe the girl broke up with him or maybe she simply played along, who knows.

9. The stairs

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One must be careful when going down the stairs, especially when drunk. Judging by this tweet, this person will never be welcome there, and probably they will never return, either.

10. The song

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There are things in life that we would prefer not to know but this one is not among them. We will tell the story for the Paper Jam song as long as we live because it is awesome.

11. The mandatory party

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This is kind of sad, to be honest. Seeing the tweet made us realize that not many people are happy with their jobs. Needless to say, the last place they would like to be at is an office party.

12. The confusion

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When people ask you something important, make sure that you hear the question and you ask accordingly, otherwise the whole thing may become confusing. This tweet shows why.

13. The decision

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Here is one really good example of why you should always do the right thing even if it feels you are not going to like it. Going to this party was the right thing for this person, no doubt.

14. The boss

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Sometimes, CEOs prove that they are just people like everyone else. This person shared how her boss got drunk and did the most confusing thing possible. We guess she didn’t know what to do.

15. The boyfriend

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You need to bring someone you trust to the office party. Even if it is someone close to you, you need to trust them with not ruining everything. This person’s boyfriend managed to get her in trouble.

16. The photo booth

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When someone tells you a funny story, you might want to tell them you know a better one and share this tweet! We have no idea how the girl must have felt on the day after the party.

17. The accident

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There are moments in life when you need to stop and think about what you are about to do. This person obviously skipped that part and immediately suffered the consequences.

18. The dress code

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It really seems that some people are destined to make the right decision. This person probably thought that his outfit was great but he saw that he didn’t make the right choice.

19. The lady

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Imagine if you were at this party and you saw the whole thing: you would probably laugh at this situation. This lady was probably very drunk but still managed to come back.

20. The weird coworker

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Now, this is the kind of thing we would never tolerate. We guess that some people found this funny but such a thing is nothing but inappropriate. We hope it all went well.

21. The slap

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This person probably regretted his decision as soon as he approached and tried to slap their boss. The whole story probably didn’t end bad and they surely had a good laugh after that.

22. The coat

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Alcohol can really transform a person and we have seen that one too many times. It appears that this person’s husband changed his behavior after a few drinks and became uncontrollable.

23. The meal

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If you read this and you were able to not puke, you are a hero. We had a hard time imagining this situation. It is kind of funny but we believe most people would refer to it as gross.

24. The biggest fail

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We have already been through a lot of office party fails but this has got to be the biggest one yet. Not being invited to the party is a huge fail but it probably prevented this person from making a bigger one.

25. The fortune teller

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This story is almost unbelievable but we guess we will trust the person who shared it. As you can see, the drunk coworker obviously wanted to have fun but we hope she kept her job, too.

26. The surprise

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We believe this person delivered the biggest surprise to her colleagues when she did what she did. No wonder she got fired after that episode. This is simply inappropriate.

27. The paradox

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Needless to say, this tweet reveals a really curious paradox. It seems that some people need to think twice before organizing something, otherwise they could cause paradoxes.

28. The cruise

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Some office parties are amazing because of their format or location. This person shared the awesome idea for a cruise instead of a regular party but you how things ended.

29. The conflict

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Most people are well aware of just how complicated relationships between coworkers could be. It seems that this person had some explaining to do but we hope they settled it.

30. The vest

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We believe that having a good time at a party is a matter of luck. If you are lucky, it will all be fine, but if you don’t have any luck, you may experience something unpleasant.

31. The pizza

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Every employee would appreciate when their boss showed up with a couple of pizzas but having them eat on all by themselves is a huge no-no.

Written by Sven Miller

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