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31 Pics Of Incredibly Smart Ideas And Devices We Wish We Had Earlier

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They say that the little things in life count the most and that applies to anything you could think of. When someone comes up with a great idea that is seemingly insignificant, we believe that people appreciate it the most. This is what the list below is about – it shows brilliant but simple ideas everyone could take advantage of.

1. The bottle

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Instead of trying to figure out where to put the cap of the bottle you are drinking from, this manufacturer enables you to put it at the bottom of the bottle! As you can see, there is a special place left for it to fit.

2. The reminder

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Here is one great idea that all schools need to implement as soon as possible. This teacher came up with brilliant reminders about school photo day that most students usually forget about. This approach works like a charm.

3. The sriracha serving

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Not everyone loves spicy food but those who do would appreciate a little sriracha added to their meal. This tiny packet for personal use is a good idea because it allows you to add the specific taste of sriracha without having to buy a huge bottle of it.

4. The menu

Image Source: Twitter

Most pizza shops have their menus filled with images of the items they serve because people always prefer to see what they are about to order. This restaurant went a step further and used whole pizza images as pages which is nice.

5. The other menu

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another type of menu that you don’t see every day! These huge rolls allow great visibility for customers to see the menu but they also help the staff change the menu fast on a daily basis! Neat idea for sure!

6. The post box

Image Source: Reddit

Minecraft lovers would be delighted to have a post box such as this one. We believe that people all around the world have regular or no post boxes at all but those who took their time ti put one would enjoy such a customized solution.

7. The license plate number

Image Source: Reddit

Some people don’t abide by laws and hide their license plates. Others, however, try to keep things as regular as possible. This individual decided to be somewhere in between and decided to create this hard to decypher plate.

8. The cup

Image Source: Reddit

Coffee cups and mugs come in all shapes and sizes. This one is among the best we have ever seen and we want one! It has an integrated space for a cookie, not to mention that the cookie cream gets warm and easier to lick!

9. The paper dispenser 

Image Source: Pinterest

This is how WWF decided to raise awareness about the rate in which forests all around the world are being destroyed. Using less paper helps prevent deforestation and that is the wisest choice one could make.

10. The selfie point

Image Source: Reddit

Knowing that people are obsessed with selfies, the managers of this ferry company decided to do something about the passengers’ safety and they came up with this! The brilliant idea for a selfie spot should be adopted by all ferry line operators.

11. The chess board

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This is one of the best chess boards we have seen! There are ways in which this set is different in terms of accessibility. As you can see, there bumps on the white pawns while the black ones don’t have any.

12. The shopping cart

Image Source: Reddit

This shopping cart has a map on its inside and we think that this is a brilliant idea! Most grocery stores are big enough to have this idea implemented in their organization. This is a must for places like Tesco or Walmart, for example.

13. The charity event

Image Source: Twitter

Here is how one restaurant decided to collect money for charity without making their clients feel uncomfortable or obliged to donate. They simply put this item on their menu and it did the trick! We guess they should be proud of themselves.

14. The computer mouse

Image Source: Reddit

When it comes to computer periphery, the most important thing about them is ergonomy! As you can see, this vertical mouse is so good that it appears to do a better job than the regular ones.

15. The cucumber

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how you create the perfect bagel sandwich! This is one amazing idea that we have never seen before. The cucumber was grown in this specific shape only to be used for bagel sandwiches which explains its perfect shape.

16. The battery pack

Image Source: Reddit

If you have been struggling with removing a battery out of its packaging, you are not alone! It seems that getting the battery out is like an extreme sport but this manufacturer decided to use a special packaging backside and the batteries simply pop out!

17. The toilet

Image Source: Reddit

This is one neat idea that ski lovers would appreciate. The basket you see on the left serves a very special purpose: skiers can put their gloves inside when they need to use the toilet. They surely appreciate this!

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18. The caution sign

Image Source: Reddit

When you need to use a caution sign, you will surely want to make it stand out. What better way to mark a slippery area than to use a banana peel-shaped caution sign? Everyone surely pays attention to this sign.

19. The traffic light

Image Source: Reddit

Talking about signs, traffic ones are often neglected by drivers and we think that those who solve this problem will be praised! This traffic light does the trick because it indicates where you should turn.

20. The scoop spoon

Image Source: Reddit

Those who regularly buy protein powder know how unpleasant it is to dig inside in search of the scooping spoon. This container was designed to have a rim inside that holds the spoon and prevents it from falling down.

21. The beer glass

Image Source: Twitter

Beer lovers all around the world would be in awe when they see this amazing glass! The simple design is a solution to a huge problem! Now, you can enjoy the unspoiled taste of cold beer like never before.

22. The elevator

Image Source: Reddit

Wow, this is the first time we see an elevator with a place to sit! Imagine having to go up 50 or more floors – this neat idea will help your feet rest instead of standing up all the times you go up or down.

23. The mirrored poster

Image Source: Reddit

This simple idea is part of an attempt to prevent people from driving under the influence of alcohol. The poster is only visible in the mirror which is very nice, indeed.

24. The cable connector 

Image Source: Reddit

This USB cable connector is an answer to our prayers! Doing the same thing all over again is frustrating and plugging the cable on the wrong side is such a thing but no more of that, we guess!

25. The bin

Image Source: Reddit

Recycling is hard but we are sure that people will do it more if they are assisted. This organization of bins is all most individuals need to separate trash, in this case – pizza boxes.

26. The urinal

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one public restroom decided to introduce more comfortable solutions to those who use it. They installed foot-operated buttons used to flush and that is awesome!

27. The packaging

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how the smallest touches make a huge difference. The manufacturer of this product made sure their stacks of boxes in stores would look amazing if they paid attention to the design details!

28. The business card

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, this oddly shaped card is actually a genius idea! The business owner obviously has the right attitude and you can tell by this neat design.

29. The parking ticket

Image Source: Reddit

We all have the same problem: we never remember the exact spot we parked our cars! Some individuals remember but most of us would need this awesome parking ticket that features a reminder!

30. The headphones 

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one small tech piece can impress with its neat design! These earphones have the letter I on them written in Braille which is awesome!

31. The restaurant


Image Source: Reddit

The clever managers of this restaurant wanted to make sure no napkin would fly off the table so they added these rocks to hold them in place!

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