32 Times People Wanted Something Badly, But Definitely Didn’t Get It

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We have all been in this situation: we know what we want exactly but we get the opposite! Not only that, but thinking how something you thought was going to be straightforward went crashing down is not nice at all. What we consider to be bad luck happens to others as well. The list below shows people who wanted something but did not get it!

1. The videogames 

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It is all about priorities in life, isn’t it? This person knows that and he learned it the hard way. His priorities changed and his money is now poured into taking care of a baby.

2. The meeting with Santa

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It seems that this person and Santa are not exactly showing the Christmas spirit. Instead of sitting in Santa’s lat, Santa sat on his lap. Either way, it is awkward.

3. The selfie

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Here is how one selfie attempt went wrong in the most hilarious way possible! As you can see, the person is not happy with the end result and for good reason, too.

4. The decoration

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What was supposed to be a sweet gingerbread decoration ended up in an attempt that can make you have nightmares. We guess this person needs to try again.

5. The cats

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People run into their doppelgangers from time to time. Not everyone gets to meet their lookalike but some lucky people do. These cats also know how that feels.

6. The car cover

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There are many ways you can protect your vehicle from the sun or hail, for example. This person chose the cheapest but most ineffective of them all! They should buy a new one.

7. Big Ben

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One person dreamed of going to London to see the sights, including Big Ben. As you can see from this image, their dream was shattered, as Big Ben was undergoing renovation.

8. The Christmas decoration

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The city council probably had to ask for visualization before setting these decorations up. They surely regretted their decision after they saw the result.

9. The votes

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Here is how people discover the endless possibilities of Instagram. This person added a poll and people voted but some of them never realized the person could see how they all voted.

10. The money

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We have all had trouble with ATM machines but nothing like this! The person who took this image simply wanted to have some cash but ended up with expensive rubbish.

11. The print

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This person wanted to bleach her hair but ended up having an unexpected result. She put a Walmart plastic bag on during the procedure and this happened.

12. The tree

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This is how two roommates compromised on making a Christmas tree. One celebrated Hanukkah and the other celebrated Christmas. The result is not something to brag about.

13. The palm trees

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Talking about funny Christmas trees, this is how palm trees look like when covered with hundreds of flickering lights. You can see it was not a good idea!

14. The phonetic alphabet 

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It seems that this is one of those ideas that were controversial from the beginning. As you can see, replacing this phonetic alphabet with the one other is pointless.

15. The vending machine 

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Now, this is one of those moments when you question reality or ask yourself why things like these happen to you. Someone put their money in the machine but received nothing.

16. The remote

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There are things in life that people seem to never understand. Some individuals, for example, fail to learn how to operate the remote. This is how one person solved that problem for a family member.

17. The design

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

This is one funny sign and you must admit it is also kind of absurd. Seeing this made us think about how many people wondered why they should laugh out loud in such a situation.

18. The door

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This is why people should only trust experienced professionals to tackle the important tasks around their homes or offices. Doing something without the knowledge results in this.

19. The conversation

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The person who failed to understand what that specific term means is about to receive a surprise he never saw coming. In this case, he would surely pause using Tinder for a while.

20. The review

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Well, this is one of the moments you realize that you should skip on a certain service. As you can see, this person had zero reviews and decided to add one without changing accounts.

21. The Grand Canyon

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one person experienced disappointment in its purest form. It seems they wanted to see Grand Canyon and organized a trip only to see this dense fog. That is just tough luck.

22. The image

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one extremely funny post but what made it hilarious is the mother’s comment. This funny image was overwhelming for her because she failed to see it was altered.

23. The instruction

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People who take their job seriously need to chill sometimes because they make the funniest mistakes when they try to do the best work. This is an example of that.

24. The cat

Image Source: Reddit

This cat is grumpy for a reason. The owner forbade the feline from climbing on the couch because of the scratching exercises but they surely did not expect the cat to outsmart them.

25. The doggo

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Here is a similar situation to the one above. This dog decided to not take any chances and played it safe by staying exactly on the border of the allowed and the forbidden zone.

26. The clock

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This is a fine example of how someone who had a simple task failed to do it. As you can see, the initial idea was a great one but the result is awful.

27. The sign

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This is not only funny but kind of cruel as well. You think that this place should be praised for their idea but when you see the additional requirement you will think the exact opposite.

28. The twist

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Here is a short story that sounds like it was taken from a cheesy movie! As you can see, this person was lucky enough to secure a date in the most hilarious way!

29. The compromise 

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Married life is tough but smart people can always find a way to make it work! As you can see, this couple was able to find the balance they needed and they are probably proud of themselves!

30. The proposal

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that everyone who received a negative answer to the most important questions should stand tall and keep moving on with style, just like this person did!

31. The vest

Image Source: Reddit

Since we mentioned married life above, we might as well show you how other couples handle different situations. This is how this couple compromised on one tiny problem.

32. The popcorn kernels 

Image Source: Reddit

This happened when one person decided to use a sock as a hot pad but they had no rice to fill it with. They used popcorn kernels and this was the result after three minutes in the microwave.

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