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33 Of The Funniest Senior Quotes That Somehow Made It In The Yearbook

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Some people would probably be surprised by the the fact that a yearbook could be an incredible source of amusement! That’s right, it can be really fun and the reason behind that fact is fairly simple! Some of the people whose photos and quotes are featured in it actually use it as a scene to show off their amazing personalities and their sense of humor! Many of the things you are able to see inside any random yearbook should probably not be included in it, but it we are not here to judge. We want to have fun instead, and we gladly share some of the funniest yearbook quotes ever!1. We could not agree more

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This person looks kind of shy on the photo, but there isn’t anything shy about that quote she chose! We guess that it is the actual truth!

2. Now this is one curious quote

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We love the kind of content that makes you think about what the author tried to say! The multiple ways in which you could interpret this makes it so cool!

3. This an appropriate quote to put below your photo

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Choosing such a quote to use in the yearbook probably means that you are happy to be graduating despite the doubts people had in you. This girl sure looks happy and she has every reason to be!

4. Here is how different people look at things 

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Well, come to think of it, these quotes are not that different when it comes to mindset, they just show different perks of what it means to be graduating and what the past few years have done to them!

5. This is true but it is hardly relatable to graduation 

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Certain individuals would try whatever comes to their mind in order to appear as funny as possible, and this is what this person did. While we agree with the quote he put in the yearbook, we cannot see its relation to the whole thing.

6. Here is a piece of advice you might want to follow

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Times change and so does the way people communicate with each other. Treating other well means that you also need to be careful when you tweet, too! This quote a fun way to stand out from the rest!

7. High self-esteem is something good to have

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We wish everyone the level of self-esteem this person has! It is an important asset if you want to have a good life! Having doubts will not get you there!

8. This is actually a seriously good thought

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This person was able to put something short but inspirational below his yearbook photo, and we really like how he took his time to come up with something that would help others!

9. This is something we could all relate to

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As sad as this sounds, it is also accurate and kind of funny, too! Unfortunately we realize that we were surrounded by snakes when it is too late to react.

10. Here is someone with a dark sense of humor

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We are not sure why this person’s photo is not visible, maybe they got wild wild the marker themselves. The quote is a funny one but it also shows a lot of frustration caused by passed betrayals.

11. Here is another quote you are free to interpret as you wish

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We are not sure what this person had in mind in order to choose this quote, but we bet that there is a particular reason for this choice. We guess we will never know.

12. This is how everyone should feel about themselves

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Talking about inspirational quotes, this one must be on top of the list! It might not appear that way, but it is definitely something you should adopt as a personal philosophy.

13. This is the kind of geeky humor we love

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When it comes to showing a sense of humor, geeky jokes and clever puns are always welcome, and the wittier they are, the better! As you can see, the clever joke this person came up with is awesome!

14. We are like that, too

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We believe that the majority of people could easily relate to this one, and there is no wonder why! There are special people among us, but most of us are not like that.

15. We tried to find the logic in this one but we failed

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Sometime people simply try to show off their wisdom and they succeed at it, but we failed. Maybe he meant that eating apples daily means that you would heals yourself before you become sick at all.

16. Many people did what this person did

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We all know that in order to be successful, you need to do the right thing and to do what it takes. Many people deprive themselves of sleep and parties in order to pursue a goal, and this person rubbed that into other people’s faces!

17. Here is one creepy message 

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This is the last thing you would expect to see in a yearbook, but we guess that it seemed like a good idea to this person. It actually seems a serious one but he hope it was nothing but dark humor!

18. Both of these quotes are awesome in their own way

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Well, where do we start here? The clever pun above is awesome, but what we appreciate the most in this photo is how honest the girl below decided to be. Most students probably related to her confession!

19. Sending a message is what most people choose to do in yearbooks 

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However, this message needs to be as clear as possible, which is not the case here! Well, at least the first sentence makes some sense!

20. We are not entirely sure this is possible

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Of all the possible scenarios regarding our future, we guess that waking up as a chicken nugget is the least plausible one! Considering that such an option exists is not a good sign and we believe that this person was either joking or she really had nothing in particular to write in the yearbook and she improvised!

21. Not wanting a quote is a good enough quote

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The basic concept of the yearbook is that you need to add a few words below the photo, and not wanting to do it also requires words to express it, so there you have it! This is how this quote was born, and it is kind of brilliant, too!

22. This is the actual truth 

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We have always loved seeing how simple facts and events were explained because of the feeling we get after knowing that a fact is absolutely true with no room for dispute. This is a perfect example of that. Nobody could see if their eyelids are shut!

23. These people teamed up to create the best yearbook quote in history

Image Source: Reddit

If someone likes Barney Stinson, then this someone is our friend by default! How could someone not appreciate such a quote! Everyone would love this upon seeing it, and we guess that these two young people will go far in life with their creativity!

24. This is a typical gym culture quote

Image Source: Twitter

Such quotes are designed to be funny and true, at least in certain ways, but the main intention behind them is to make them sound as dumb as possible. Regardless if you agree with this one or not, we still believe that it is the actual truth in many cases!

25. Sometimes people keep it simple 

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If you have nothing important to say, then you might as well leave a quote from a favorite song, just like this person did! It serves as a tribute to the song and the singer, and it might be a bizarre choice, but it is still a legit one!

26. This is the best and most powerful quote on the list so far

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This is a valuable piece of advice and you better listen to those words of wisdom! This girl knows her game and the quote she used needs to be understood by everybody!

27. Well, this is an awkward one

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This person probably had the intention to put something funny instead of an actual quote, but we guess that his idea of fun is not what most people imagine, and it just looks weird!

28. This is a quote we can get behind

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In fact, it turns out that we have been in compliance with this advice all along without even knowing it, and having cake is an important part of  the day!

29. These people always get where they want

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Obnoxious people are not the kind of individuals that everyone would tolerate, but we need to hand it to them – they know how to make their way around and to achieve their goals, too!

30. This is one person who has a deep sense of humor

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Joking around on this topic is not something we would advise you to do, but we need to admit that this person knew how to troll more than a billion people with a single quote!

31. Here is another person with a high self-esteem

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We guess that this person showed a strong spirit and the kind of confidence in herself that could almost be inspirational, and this is something we admire her for!

32. This is trolling at its finest

Image Source: Imgur

This smiling girl was able to joke about every single person in her community using a single quote, meaning that she has the best kind of sense of humor!

33. Here is another combination we liked really much

Image Source: Instagram

This is what yearbook quotes are all about! Well played, ladies!

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