33 Things Shared By Millennials That Generation Z Haven’t Seen

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Most people currently in their 30s would probably feel really old after scrolling down this list. We know that because we felt the same way since we were born before 1990. It seems that the years go by too fast and most of us still think that 1999 was ten years ago, but it was actually two decades ago! Many things have changed since then, and a lot of what we used to think was cool and modern is now obsolete. The images below are all good examples of that, and the younger generations found it hard to recognize most of the situations, things and people featured in them.

1. We guess that nobody uses floppy disks anymore

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The only form it exists under is still the ‘save’ icon.

2. Here is something that most of us still have in the attic

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These camera film containers were really cool and we probably have a dozen of them stacked somewhere.

3. The struggle was real back then


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These were the moments we really hated everything around us.

4. This is relatable


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We guess that burning CDs was something so ordinary that we cannot believe it’s not a thing anymore.

5. We actually noticed that


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The songs of our youth are already classics and it is kind of sad!

6. Those dial tones were sweet music to our ears


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The younger generations will probably never know the struggle.

7. Being among the younger generations would always make you feel old


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We know exactly how this person felt because we have been in her shoes.

8. This is what graphic design used to look like


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We did not have much of a choice two decades ago.

9. Here is one way to explain what these do


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In fact, we guess that floppy disks are really the grandfathers of USB sticks.

10. Here is why it is called ‘rolling’  your window

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There was a time we had to work in order to get the window down.

11. This will surely make you feel old

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We guess that cassettes are now completely a thing of the past.

12. Today’s kids will never know how cool these were

Image Source: TwitterIf you still have one that works, you should get back to it!

13. Here is something to make you feel even older

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If an 18-year old asks what this is, then millennials are officially old people now.

14. Everyone should now what these are for

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Chances are that you still have a box of these stacked in the garage.

15. Everyone should know about this legendary console

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Not being aware of what a Game Boy is can be considered as a huge miss.

16. The time has come when teens are not familiar with The Backstreets Boys

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Boy, times have really changed and we guess that this boy band is unknown to today’s teens.

17. All millenials can relate to this one

Image Source: TwitterThis person probably feels nostalgic and we can definitely relate!

18. Well, someone experienced a newsflash

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Come to think of it, the movie is now 22 years old!

19. Explaining this kind of technology to the younger generations is a hard task

Image Source: TwitterHow do you explain how a turntable works to a person who has the world in their pocket?

20. We forgot about him, too

Image Source: TwitterWe really liked him but it seems he just vanished from the face of the Earth!

21. Things are a lot more different than we would like them to

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It seems that this person was a but frustrated after receiving such a question.

22. Boy, do we miss these

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These games are probably among the top 3 things we miss from the 90s.

23. We used to do that back in the day

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You just got to admit that people were more than creative back then!

24. Nickelodeon was always our choice

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Today’s kids have no idea how cool cartoons were 20 years ago.

25. We remember this smash hit

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Britney really shaped much of the 90s culture and she was a huge influence!

26. This person felt that time really flies

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This is yet another person who felt how times have change and we can related again.

27. The list of things that make you feel like you are 100 years old goes on and on

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Feeling old is the normal reaction to things like this one.

28. These musicals were a huge thing

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Attending such an event almost felt like a rock concert!

29. We all used to adore Mel B

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The Spice Girls were a real phenomenon and we loved them!

30. This was an iconic movie

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Lindsay Lohan was quite famous for her attitude but we guess many years have passed since then.

31. Now this is a bit too much

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We believe that Paris  Hilton is still a factor in the world of showbusiness.

32. This is one reason to feel old

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We guess that we would feel the same way if we were in this person’s place.

33. It is normal for a 14-year old to be unaware of these things

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The only explanation here is that we are really getting older and we need to accept it!

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