34 Pictures Of People Who Tried To Be Smart, But Didn’t Succeed

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We all have our bad moments or days when nothing goes as planned and we are either confused or distracted by different things, mostly the thoughts in our heads. In times like these it is too easy for a person to act inadequately or just plain dumb, even. The good part is that these moments fade away and all that is left to do is just to laugh at them and their consequences!

1. This is just to funny

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Well, this was more than just a single moment of confusion! It lasted for years, but nobody could blame this person – she never had the chance to realize the truth! We are sure they laughed at this together.

2. Now this is some mistake 

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This is the kind of thing that could be considered unbelievable but it apparently happened, and there was even a photo to prove it! There seem to be no regrets here as it looks like a cool show!

3. Some people will never learn

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Sometimes people miss the bigger picture and their position about a certain thing is more or less ridiculous. As you can see, this person commented on a topic in the most bizarre way and got shut down.

4. Do not believe this comparison image

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Apparently someone was really confused about the whole GMO thing and they created this comparison image. However, the egg on the right is simply overcooked and there is nothing wrong with it.

5. This Burger King place needs to reconsider the shows they play on their plasma TVs 

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We guess that the last thing you would like to watch while eating at a fast food diner is ‘My 600-lb life’! Talking about the worst possible choice of a TV show for such a place!

6. This is kind of inappropriate 

Image Source: Twitter

7. These tires need to be replaced ASAP

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This is what a friend of this car’s owner advised him, but the owner simply replied that since the car was a four-wheel drive model, it did not nee any thread at all. This is a huge misconception!

8. This teacher needs to learn his lesson

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Well, it sounds kind of funny, but you can see that the person really did make such an attempt, and that is not the kind of thing you would expect from a teacher, right? The class probably had a lot of fun, at least.

9. Now this is something we do not have an answer to

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Yes, they only reasonable question here would be simply ‘WHY’! After all, hacking into someone’s account is mostly done for the exact opposite purpose! The person who tweeted this should consider what happened as a bonus.

10. Someone was obviously confused here

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It appears that even the simplest possible tasks could be too much for some people to handle! Seeing this made us chuckle, because this is probably the only person who though avocados were the same as mangos.

11. Here is another peculiar case of a misconception 

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We thought that this was a joke, but someone probably thinks that this is what they really need here! Someone better tell this person to leave their car for an oil change before it breaks down.

12. People made the same mistake more than once here

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, there were numerous attempts by random people who tried to have a bite of these pieces of fruit, although it is fairly easy to see that they are artificial!

13. We believe this person made a wrong choice here

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Sure enough, sudden rainfall is something really annoying, but there is also something that could be done about it. However, protecting your hair using a laptop is definitely not such a thing, as it is worth a lot more than a trip to the hair salon.

14. If this does not make you laugh, nothing will

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We are sure that most people who see this would be surprised to see that it is still a thing, but this is not the main thing about it which makes it so amusing to see!

15. It is not the message here that is funny

Image Source: Imgur

The whole point for that board with the clamp attached to it to exist is the necessity for a place where important messages need to be place in order for all to see them. This person used a piece of tape and that is just preposterous!

16. Here is an example of why you should never tweet before thinking twice

Image Source: Twitter

The fact that this person never realized why there was a 0 among the other birthday cake candles is hilarious!

Image Source: Twitter

Even when others joined in and explained why the 0 is must have, this person still failed to realize it!

17. Someone actually fell for this one

Image Source: Reddit

This is probably something that only a few people would consider plausible! The rest know better that any metal object inside a microwave would lead to a disaster, which is what happened in this case!

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18. At least he had the audacity to apologize

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Well, there is nothing that could be said about this situation! Mistakes happen all the time but this is no ordinary mistake! Being angry about something that was never about to happen always leads to similar situations and embarrassment!

19. This person should think again before smoking there

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Some people have little to no regard about safety! All they do is more or less potentially dangerous for them and for the people around, and this person’s behavior is the best example! People should carefully check the surroundings and read the signs before attempting whatever they had in mind.

20. Suspicions sometimes get you nowhere

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We believe that many people have been in that same situation, and it is definitely not a pleasant thing to feel embarrassed because of something we thought was suspicious! Of course, in most cases it turns out the suspicions were not relevant to the real situation.

21. People can act weird sometimes 

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First of all, going to your own wedding with an Uber ride is kind of inappropriate, but let’s assume that it is a choice. Uber Pool is also a choice and the couple decided on it willingly, so they had no reason to complain.

22. Someone joked with a girl and she fell for it

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This is not even plausible and the fact that someone believed in it is beyond us! It would make sense if the dots were not located on a steering wheel, and visually impaired people do not drive cars!

23. This wrapping paper confused one person

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that some people cannot think outside the box and they only react to what they see initially! In this case, someone mistook a reindeer head which was upside down for a squid, and even called it a Christmas Squid!

24. This news editor needs to find another job

Image Source: Reddit

Now this is what we call a huge mistake. When doing a report about an aboriginal woman that was reportedly missing, they used a photo that was simply not appropriate, as it showed a girl at Coachella with a totally different origin!

25. Kim K needs to learn the basics of poker

Image Source: Pinterest

One of the main things about any card game is for all the players to keep their cards out of everyone’s sight, because this could cost them a hefty loss! Kim K did not get the memo, apparently, because she never took off her mirrored glasses that reflected everything!

26. This person’s idea of a fancy meal did not turn out quite right

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Sometimes our intentions are good, but our actions do not follow them. This is what happened here. This person had the noble idea to prepare a nice meal for his wife’s special occasion, but he made a fundamental mistake!

27. We hope someone told her eventually 

Image Source: Reddit

This is exactly how distracted a person could be sometimes! People are often too tired or confused to realize what happened around them for real!

28. This was a serious request 

Image Source: Reddit

We know, we know, it sounds absurd and it actually is, but this woman insisted to learn a way to flip the image!

29. This is a real bummer

Image Source: Reddit

We mean, this is definitely something that probably happened once and only once in human history, and they probably all laughed about it!

30. Now this is a story worth sharing

Image Source: Reddit

This is another short story that sounds like a joke, but it is obviously not!

31. The label is technically correct

Image Source: Reddit

Well, of course it is installed on the ceiling – this is how it works, but the label was meant to feature the date it was installed!

32. This is beyond hilarious

Image Source: Reddit

We think that this was not a joke and this person was genuinely confused about all that ice inside the bottle!

33. Here is an action that was completely meaningless 

Image Source: Reddit

This is key is anything but hidden, and whoever left it there should know better!

34. We understand this girl’s confusion

Image Source: Twitter

We guess they eventually told her that it was not an actual ‘baby shark;, and he excitement probably faded away.

Written by Sven Miller

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