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35 Weird People Who Were Photographed By Strangers

Image Source: Instagram

It’s a jungle out there – this is what the theme song of Monk used to say, and we cannot agree more. With almost seven and a half billion people on this planet you can bet that there crazy things on every step of one’s way, and this is the beauty of being alive today! We believe that most people immediately react when they see something peculiar or just plain weird and they try to capture the moment, after which they share what they saw online. This allows for lists such as the one below to exist.

1. This is the adult version of the teddy bear claw machine

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, there are no plush toys inside, but only packs of cigarettes and cash! We would definitely give this one a try!

2. Now this is something you don’t see every day

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that this is kind of a specific situation because it involves a special type of preparations for a night out.

3. Here is a witty temporary fence 

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that this is the best way in which you could describe a construction site, and we love it!

4. Now this is what monster hail looks like

Image Source: Imgur

Nature is cruel sometimes, but this here is on another level. This is the type of hail that could lead to worst case scenarios!

5. Someone took a bite out of this chunk of butter

Image Source: Reddit

We guess it takes a really special type of person to do this in the middle of a store as if there was nothing wrong with that!

6. This is our kind of backpacking 

Image Source: Imgur

They say you should only pack the essentials, so this person followed the advice and we like his choice.

7. Some shoppers have no shame at all

Image Source: Reddit

Well, we could say a lot of things about this image here but one thing is for sure – it is just wrong to do such a thing!

8. This is kind of adorable to see

Image Source:

This is an old Soviet car named ZAZ that has been restored, but the additional feature on the roof rack makes it special! It almost represents a parent carrying their toddler on their back, which is kind of cute, really!

9. We have no explanation for this one

Image Source: Reddit

Well, there you have it – an alien and a chef riding a scooter around town! Now you can say that you’ve seen everything!

10. We hope this one is a setup

Image Source:

We are not sure why, but this photo is kind of disturbing, although the tree trunk really looks like a naturally shaped toilet seat. We hope that nobody used that as a real toilet, because other hikers who see the tree trunk would be curious to check it out for sure!

11. This cat means business

Image Source: Reddit

The look in the feline’s eyes and the cigarette in its mouth are enough of a warning to stay clear of its path, or else. Who knows, maybe the feline was only after the person who took the photo because it wanted to use their lighter!

12. This is a protest we could get behind

Image Source: Reddit

This is why the horizontal mode exists in the first place – you can take much better videos by simply turning your phone to the side! Many people take videos while holding their phone vertically which makes no sense at all.

13. Now this is how you should have your revenge

Image Source: Twitter

There is no need for anything excessive in such situations. All you need to do is figure out a way to annoy the person you need to ‘return a favor’ to as much as you can.

14. People can act crazy for no reason at all

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, they are literally obsessed with taking photo of their grandchildren at an event, and one of the kids took a photo of them!

15. Here is an unusual thing to see

Image Source: Reddit

We genuinely believe that this is not something we will get to see anytime soon again. He cheated, but she is still holding his hand.

16. Here is something unusual

Image Source: Reddit

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. This person really has six fingers on each hand, which might be a neat feature, actually!

17. This is just gross

Image Source: Reddit

We never thought that we would see such a thing, but here we are. Someone left their dirty socks and put on new ones in the middle of a store.

18. We have no explanation for this one

Image Source: Imgur

Maybe this is some kind of a dream come true, but we are not sure we want to know the  story behind this photo!

19. Timing is everything here

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that the T-shirt’s pattern is a perfect match with the dog and someone noticed that!

20. This is just wrong

Image Source: Reddit

Some people have zero regard for the ways of modern society and they simply do whatever they please, including what you see here!

21. This is one curious looking egg

Image Source: Reddit

This person was surprised to find the egg you see in the photo. It is bigger than the rest and it has a rough surface due to some weird reason.

22. This could easily scare someone

Image Source: Reddit

There are pranksters everywhere around us and this is just one example of the things they are capable of! This is one clever prop!

23. This is a curious photo

Image Source: Reddit

The man who is proudly posing with this picture is actually the grandson of the man who is standing in that picture, which makes the photo really valuable!

24. These trees formed a curious pattern

Image Source: Reddit

This is one really curious phenomenon known as ‘crown shyness’! It means that trees growing close to each other never actually touch, so they grow with some space left between them!

25. Here is another perfectly timed photo

Image Source: Reddit

Timing is everything when it comes to photography and while sometimes it takes skills to capture the moment, in other cases it happens purely accidental! This dog was able to catch the ball exactly when it dived into the pool, resulting in a super cool photo that is definitely a unique one!

26. Now this is something special to see

Image Source: Reddit

We wish there were more places like this one! The restaurant whose menu someone took a photo of is a dog-friendly place and they have a section with meals for canines!

27. This is a glitch in the matrix for sure

Image Source: Reddit

We are more than sure that this is something that happens on very rare occasions. The couple on the left found the other couple while on a cruise, and it is baffling to see them! We guess that the coincidence you see made these people’s holiday trip extra special! They will surely cherish this moment!

28. This is one dream of an ice cream shop

Image Source: Reddit

We cannot believe this, but is appears to be legit since it is on the menu! As you can see, it states that pregnant women can get pickles when ordering a banana split, which is something you will probably never see anywhere else!

29. This is not the ordinary slice of kiwi you would expect to see

Image Source: Reddit

Something the small and seemingly insignificant things can make an unusual impression. If you need to be amused, all you need is to do something super simple like enjoying a piece of fruit, because even then you could be surprised! The face on this slice of kiwi proves that!

30. This is probably not a coincidence 

Image Source: Reddit

We love the artistic nature of some people, because it can be shown in numerous different ways, most of which are quite unexpected, actually! Seeing this made us smile because of the clever idea someone came up with. They peeled off the chipping paint to make it look like a lion’s head!

31. These shoes are like nothing we have seen before

Image Source: Reddit

All of us have seen warn out shoes before, but this pair here is on another level! We guess that this person wanted to test the shoes’ limits and you can even see the toes that were literally stamped on them!

32. Now this is one huge mess

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes vending machines are clogged with certain items that were not able to fall all the way down, but this situations is a lot messier than usual!

33. This is what it means to have a sense of humor

Image Source: Reddit

After a driver was able to drive straight into the place, they decided to put up a hilarious sign and we love this attitude!

34. We guess that this is a personal choice we should respect

Image Source: Imgur

And you need to admit that the setup appears to be handy, despite the fact that it looks really odd!

35. Feeling comfy is all that matters

Image Source: Reddit

Of course, this is not a safe thing to do at all, but everyone makes their own choices, so we would never judge such an attitude.


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