39 Ladies Who Posted On Tumblr And It Was Too Funny Not To Share

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Social media platforms are amazing because they can be a constant source of amusement. All you need to do is log in any of them and start scrolling or searching. Chances are that you will soon be able to find something relatable or interesting. This is the case with these Tumblr posts submitted by women. Most of them are related to jokes, situations and phrases that are considered inappropriate or to different types of inequity, but they all are still really funny to see!

We need to try this one

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We imagine that this would be a great experiment to witness!

2. Here is something relatable 

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There is nothing like the comfort of the place where you can be your true self!

3. This man was shut down fast

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We guess that shaving certain areas is a choice and this man deserved to be shut down.

4. Here is how to win an argument

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All that matters is for people to have fun, and it does not matter who is right.

5. Here is some food for thought

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We guess that at least one person would try this funny suggestion!

6. Here is a funny comparison

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We guess that this is a rather appropriate comparison, too.

7. This person definitely hs a point

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We guess that they are not able to make these ads realistic because of the wide audience.

8. Here is a reasonable thing to think about

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We guess that invisible women without clothes on would still have something to hide.

9. The struggle is real here

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Most ladies who love ponytails would immediately relate to this one.

10. Here is a brilliant way to shut down someone

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Next time someone uses such an inappropriate line, shut him down like this.

11. This is the actual truth

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These magazines always have it all and we guess it is a matter of perspective.

12. This is a nice way to develop a joke

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We guess that the person who picked up the joke has talent!

13. Men need to be there sometimes to defend a woman’s honor

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This is definitely a nice story and we love the way the brother intervened.

14. This is an inappropriate line for sure

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We guess that this is always an inappropriate thing to say.

15. Here is one way to describe certain things

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Now this person has a really dramatic way of describing things!

16. It is all about priorities here

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We guess that the person who commented on the photo would prefer the actual Cinnabon treats.

17. This is a classic joke

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We really love reading such witty pieces of content! Jokes like this one are the best.

18. This sounds like a plan

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We believe that this is something that has been very well thought through!

19. Here is another annoying line that was destroyed

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Almost every woman would find this to be a dumb thing to say, and it is.

test ad

20. This is how most girl react to this phrase

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We guess that this is one phrase that never helps the situation.

21. This person destroyed another stereotype

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Men should stop relating the cranky or irrational behavior of women with their periods.

22. This person has a point

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Well, there is not much we could say about this one, because it is the truth!

23. There is always some suspense related to this matter

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This is something that men would never be able to relate to.

24. Well, that’s that

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Dating someone just because of their cute pet is an actual thing!

25. This is an addition to the post above

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Chances are that a girl would choose the golden retriever over a man every time.

26. We all want that

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In our modern sociaty earning the right of personal space is tough.

27. This one is fairly accurate

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We are perfectly aware of how accurate this post it is, and it is also a funny one!

28. This is an unwritten rule

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We guess that this is the point where a bra needs to reach in order for it to be replaced.

29. This is a brilliant way to use your sarcastic abilities

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We love it when witty people have the chance to show how sarcastic they can be!

30. We know how this feels

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Accepting the fact that we age is a tough pill to swallow in some cases.

31. This is the best short story ever

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We would like to see a similar thing happen in person, because we will have a blast!

32. This is probably a bit overexaggerated

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We guess that sometimes certain things are more or less overexaggerated.

33. This is a real struggle

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Most people know how this feels and there is no way of fixing it.

34. Here is one solid argument

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We guess that most people would agree on this one for sure!

35. This is apparently unknown to men

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We mean,. women definitely have a point here!

36. There is truth to this one

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We guess that women who were able to go through their period without something to relief their pain are heroes!

37. Here is another way to joke about periods

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As someone above mentioned, women might as well joke about it.

38. Here is an unexpected turn of events

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A girl on Tumblr shared this image and we guess that the person below shut down the first one.

39. This is not as funny as it should be

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We guess that these things are more or less true, despite the fact they sound like a hardcore joke.

Written by Sven Miller

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