40 Amazing Pics Showing What Happened After A Woman Created A Bird Photo Booth

Image Source: Instagram

People have all kinds of ideas and sometimes they can be really weird. However, in certain cases these ideas can definitely be something worth mentioning, and this is the case here! A woman from Michigan named Lisa installed a Bird Photo Booth which is a photo camera box equipped with a macro lens, and it also has a feeder to attract the birds. The setup is able to take and store thousands of images daily, and some of these image turned out to be really curious. Lisa’s love for birds and the effort she made to create the setup and share the best photos are the reasons why this list exists.

You can see more curious images by following some of these links:

1. This is one really beautiful bird

Image Source: Instagram

This is one really cool way for us to kick off this list! The mesmerizing colors of this bird are something we have never seen before, and it has a cool hairdo as well!

2. This cutie looks hungry

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that this little bird was hungry and it spotted the feeder full of seeds!

3. Here is one beautiful bird enjoying the seeds

Image Source: Instagram

Birds are curious sometimes but this one only wanted to fill its tummy with seeds!

4. These colors are truly magical

Image Source: Instagram

The feathers of this bird appear to be changing colors depending on the way the sunlight shines on them!

5. Here is a birdie picking the biggest nut in the feeder

Image Source: Instagram

This bird probably wanted the biggest nut or seed from the feeder and it got what it wanted!

6. Here is a bird that noticed there were other things except the feeder

Image Source: Instagram

The look on this bird’s face says that it probably noticed the camera box and it was not happy about it!

7. This bird was photographed just after landing

Image Source: Instagram

It looks like a dove, and it was captured just when it landed on the feeder.

8. It looks like a lot of interesting birds visited the bird feeder

Image Source: Instagram

The bird variety is huge and Lisa got the chance to see many different kinds after she created this setup.

9. Here is a bird like we have never been before

Image Source: Instagram

Some of the birds that Lisa’s camera captured look really exotic and they are probably rare!

10. This bird has a funny haircut

Image Source: Instagram

Some birds have their own style and this one makes no exception! That hairstyle is wild!

11. Here is one bird couple 

Image Source: Instagram

One of these birds is not in the mood for conversations while the other one cannot shut up at all!

12. This is an example of a beautiful color combination

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that some birds are so mesmerizing that they look like living works of art, and this one is a fine example!

13. Here are some birds that might be related

Image Source: Instagram

Maybe these cute birds hatched at the same time and they share the same mother, too.

14. We had no idea birds liked piggyback rides

Image Source: Instagram

As you can see, one of the birds really wanted the other to give it a piggyback ride, but it probably did not work out!

15. The feeder seems to be a preferred place for hanging out

Image Source: Instagram

As you can see, the birds come and go all the time and many of them are really attracted by the feeder!

16. Here is another bird with beautiful coloring

Image Source: Instagram

We love the color combination on this bird! It looks like something out of a coloring book!

17. The feeder is full of something different this time

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that the different kind of food attracted a different kind of birds! This one looks stunning!

18. Here is another living work of art

Image Source: Instagram

Nature is capable of creating the most wonderful things you could see, and this bird is a proof of that!

19. Here is one specimen with curious feathers

Image Source: Instagram

Some birds have features that set them apart from the rest and this one is such an example!

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20. This funny looking trio enjoyed a full feeder

Image Source: Instagram

There is nothing like hanging around with your friends and having a full plate in front of you would be even better!

21. This is one of the best images on the list

Image Source: Instagram

The bird in front of the camera lens has no idea that another and bigger one was coming fast from behind.

22. These chubby birds look like they saw the camera

Image Source: Instagram

These birds look like they just spotted that someone was taking images without their consent!

23. This bird has an oddly-shaped beak

Image Source: Instagram

The beak on this birdie look very interesting! The bird just grabbed a seed and something caught its attention!

24. These two look like a couple

Image Source: Instagram

These gorgeous birds resemble a couple an maybe they actually are one!

25. The pattern of these feathers is stunning

Image Source: Instagram

Mother Nature knows her game and the result of her work can be seen here!

26. Here is a bird that refused to show its face

Image Source: Instagram

This is the first bird so far to turn its back on the camera, but it was accidental, of course!

27. Here is one bird that looks like it is on fire

Image Source: Instagram

This is by far one of the most beautiful birds on this list, and we love how the shades on it are blended!

28. This bird probably wants to pick the best piece

Image Source: Instagram

This bird is focused on the foos in front of it because it probably wants to have the best piece for itself!

29. Here is one perfectly-timed photo

Image Source: Instagram

This stunning image is definitely among the best featured on this list.

30. Talking about perfect photos

Image Source: Instagram

The camera was able to capture this bird mid-flight and we like the photo a lot!

31. One of the bird is the lookout while the other is eating

Image Source: Instagram

It is always a good idea to have a friend who is able to cover you!

32. Now this is our kind of bird

Image Source: Instagram

This gorgeous specimen showed no interest in the feeder but the camera was able to capture it!

33. Here is one of the most beautiful birds we have ever seen

Image Source: Instagram

No words are needed to describe this beauty! All you need to do is just look at it.

34. Here is an unexpected guest!

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that other animals were attrracted by the feeder, too!

35. This is the perfect pose

Image Source: Instagram

Here is picture-perfect bird that knew how to pose the right way!

36. This is the tiniest bird on the list

Image Source: Instagram

This is an amazing photo showing one delicate creature!

37. That look is menacing

Image Source: Tumblr

This black bird looks really proud of its prey! This image is awesome!

38. Here is a hungry crow

Image Source: Instagram

This bird looks like it has human teeth, but it is an optical illusion.

39. These stunning birds look really close to each other

Image Source: Instagram

You could almost feel the love coming from this image and we like it a lot!

40. This looks like a singalong

Image Source: Instagram

it is either that or these bird have some kind of an argument!

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