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40 Times When People Cleaned Things So Oddly Perfect

Image Source: Reddit

If you are anything like us, you probably love perfect things. Even better, you probably love seeing how perfection is achieved! This is one of our favorite things: seeing how something scruffy becomes shiny again! There are tons of videos showing the amazing results achieved by power washing a surface or an object. Needless to say, those who are engaged in doing it are also impressed by their own work which is why they often share what they do.

1. The employee

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that people are never satisfied with what others do. One employee was sent to work at a different McDonald’s location and immediately cleaned their rather messy vats.

2. The swing

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one swing that received a makeover. It appears that the paint was stripped but in reality that was just piled up grime. It looks very nice now.

3. The lake cabin

Image Source: Reddit

It is true what they say – a lake cabin is a perfect getaway. We would love to have such a home and we would clean it like that every summer, no doubt about it!

4. The porch

Image Source: Reddit

Here is an example that looks stunning. The gross-looking porch is completely transformed with the help of the power washer. The algae build-up is all gone.

5. The church

Image Source: Reddit

One Detroit church looks like new after they decided to clean it for the first time ever. The cleaning revealed how dirty a building can become in 134 years.

6. The yard

Image Source: Reddit

You don’t need to be a professional if you want to achieve the best result. Here is what a store-bought power washer is capable of. The doggo looks happy in the clean yard.

7. The playground

Image Source: Twitter

Playgrounds get messy mostly when kids don’t use them regularly. As you can see, this one was very dirty before someone returned it to its former glory.

8. Trinity Abbey

Image Source: Reddit

There is nothing like seeing a really old building getting a makeover. We understand this is a tough task to complete but you can see that it is worth the effort.

9. The result

Image Source: Reddit

Not all people are capable of achieving the perfect power washing result. These before and after pictures were posted by a professional and we love the result.

10. Solina Dam

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something you don’t see every day! This dam was supposed to be cleaned but someone decided to turn it into an artistic event.

11. The floor

Image Source: Reddit

One couple argued about their floor. The wife thought the floors were clean but the husband decided to prove her wrong. He cleaned sections of it to make it look like a checkered pattern.

12. The track

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something unusual. We have never seen someone power wash a track but it seems to be making a lot of difference. It looks brand new!

13. The jetty

Image Source: Imgur

This is another brilliant example of what a power washer can do if used by someone skilled. This jetty was obviously extremely dirty before it was treated.

14. The building

Image Source: Reddit

Industrial cleaning is equal to magic in some cases. You can see how a team of professionals gave this building a complete makeover.

15. The driveway

Image Source: Reddit

Someone decided that enough was enough and put their power washer to good use. This driveway now looks new after it was neglected for five years.

16. The garden bench

Image Source: Reddit

Simple pieces of furniture like this bench are often the subject of power washing. This particular one benefited from the procedure.

17. The tiles

Image Source: Reddit

There is little you could do if your walkway is chipped or damaged but you can always give it a good wash to make it look better. This comparison shows why.

18. Nottingham City

Image Source: Reddit

Many cities around the UK are constantly exposed to the elements. This means that the buildings and infrastructure need special care. This is the result of that effort.

19. The wrong home

Image Source: Reddit

A power washing professional went to clean the wrong house but realized their mistake after a short time. The lucky homeowner got a sample of what their home could look like.

20. The stones

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

Here is the end result of an office makeover. The building had a fountain inside and the management hired someone to power clean the stone base.

21. The bathroom

Image Source: Reddit

This is by far the dirtiest bathroom we have seen in ages but you can see how a person cleaned it to perfection. This is a lot of effort but well worth it.

22. The cathedral

Image Source: NYP

St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a stunning architectural masterpiece but it looked ten times better after it was power washed for the first time. It now looks amazing.

23. The building

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, power washing is able to bring something back to its former glory. This building changed its color after it was sprayed with the washer.

24. The walkway


Image Source: Reddit

Seaside property owners know that the elements have no mercy on any surface, including walkways but this person decided to do something about it.

25. The chairs

Image Source: Reddit

These hand-built chairs are amazing but they didn’t look that way before the power washing procedure. It seems that some people can really work magic.

26. The Uppsala building

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that some buildings hide secrets. This one had a big one, too: you can see that the structure’s original color was really different than it seemed to be.

27. The ceiling

Image Source: Reddit

Someone decided to renovate an old house and focused on some details. The fact that this ceiling was only cleaned instead of repainted really made us say “wow”.

28. The pavement

Image Source: Reddit

Pavement gets dirty over time and trying to wash it with a hose is not going to make a big difference. Power washing is a different story, though.

29. The platinum ring

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that the smallest details make the biggest difference. We firmly believe that all the effort into making things like this 20-year-old ring shine again is worth it.

30. The backyard

Image Source: Imgur

Here is how power washing does wonders. This backyard was completely transformed and we love it how beautiful it turned out to be.

31. The shoes

Image Source: Reddit

There are things in life that bring the ultimate satisfaction and this image reveals one of these things. Cleaning your shoes always makes you feel nice.

32. The driveway

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another driveway that was cleaned to perfection after five years of heavy use. It seems that this should be done more often.

33. Chicago’s National Building

Image Source: Reddit

There is no doubt that a whole city could be completely transformed after a few power washing teams decide to remove the dirt from an important building.

34. The porch

Image Source: Reddit

Imagine how happy this homeowner must have felt after seeing this porch as clean as it was the day it was built. The difference is amazing, to be honest.

35. The roof

Image Source: Reddit

Someone thought that this roof was originally black but this image reveals the truth. This roof really benefitted from power washing.

36. The driveway

Image Source: Reddit

We could not believe that this driveway turned out to be dirty and not damaged. It looked like it needed renovation but power washing saved the day.

37. The yard

Image Source: Reddit

Someone bought a power washer and thought that cleaning the driveway and the stone fence would be a good idea. It turned out to be a great idea, actually.

38. The brick wall


Image Source: Reddit

Even walls that appear to have normal wear and tear can be turned into a completely different thing using a power washer. This brick wall is a fine example of that.

39. The carpet

Image Source: Reddit

There is something addictive to power washing. It is so satisfactory that we could never stop doing it just because it makes a lot of difference.

40. The façade

There is no doubt that this Manhattan building looks ten times better after it was power washed by this crew of professionals.

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