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41 People Whose Laziness Made Them Live Their Life Just Right

Image Source: Reddit

There is a story about Bill Gates and it goes like this: he preferred to assign hard tasks to lazy people, because they were able to find easier and simpler solutions. We guess that even if he never did that, such an approach might actually be effective, and most of the following images prove that!

1. Here is one way to avoid washing a bowl later

Image Source: Instagram

Just be careful not to spill the milk, because it would be a mess!

2. This is better than a laptop

Image Source: Instagram

This person was able to come up with a cool setup!

3. This is lazy on an epic scale

Image Source:

We are not entirely sure how practical it would be to use an urinal like this.

4. They had one job

Image Source:

Removing the TV to paint under it would not have been that big of a deal!

5. This person takes things to a new level

Image Source:

We guess that there was no point for him to bother going there at all!

6. Brushing your teeth can be done like this, we guess

Image Source: Imgur

It only takes a couple of minutes, so sitting it through is not necessary, but this man wanted to sit!

7. This is actually a neat idea

Image Source: Imgur

It would be even better if the keyboard was cordless!

8. This is how witty people do stuff

Image Source: Reddit

Doing things your own way is worthy of respect!

9. This person has it all figured out

Walking your dogs is obsolete! Now they can walk you around instead!

10. Getting up to switch off the lights is a burden

Image Source: Reddit

All we need is a cat, we guess! It would take some time to train it, though.

11. Someone admired this kid here

Image Source: Reddit

This kid definitely found the easiest solution to drink with minimum effort.

12. One girl decided to keep an eye on the oven while in the shower

Image Source:

As you can see, she came up with a brilliant way to do it!

13. You can imagine how long it took for this to happen

Image Source: Reddit

Some people need to throw out things after they go bad!

14. A bit more effort was needed here

Image Source: Reddit

The artist behind this had to invest some time to learn how to draw eyes!

15. This person needs to be taught a lesson

Image Source:

Driving off like this is definitely not a good idea because it is just not safe!

16. This is something we could rarely see

Image Source: Reddit

Even birds are too lazy to fly sometimes, so the get a ride from friends!

17. We hope those traffic cones are safe enough

Image Source: Imgur

Having a nap in the middle of the road is definitely not the best idea!

18. Peeled oranges in a box are a thing

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that nobody is this lazy but we could be wrong, of course!

19. Nobody would be fooled by this setup

Image Source: Reddit

This is exactly how a security guard should never act!

20. We have all done this at least once

Image Source: Imgur

This is actually convenient but also a bit lazy, we guess!

21. A simple mop would have done the trick here

Image Source: Reddit

Instead of cleaning the mess, they pulled out this sign!

22. Shoppers are getting lazier and lazier

Image Source: Reddit

People will never learn the basic things that society requires from them!

23. This is a superb idea

Image Source: Imgur

We only hope that vacuum was intact after the stunt!

24. Here is another lazy driver

Image Source: Reddit

This driver was not willing to spend a couple of minute cleaning their car!

25.This is another brilliant life hack

Image Source: Imgur

This enables you to take a sip while you relax and the drink is in the shade as well!

26. This is the laziest birthday cake ever

Image Source: Imgur

It is not even a whole cake, too! Taping a candle to it would never bring the party mood!

27. We have actually seen this before

Image Source: Reddit

Removing the old toiler paper tube requires just a single pull, but it is too much for some people!

28. We would give this one a try

Image Source:

We genuinely believe that this person is going place!

29. This looks like fun

Image Source:

We guess there is some wheel spin involved, but the kid probably loved the ride!

30. This one is absurd

Image Source:

We hope that this person at least washed the apple before eating most of it!

31. Every parent needs this for their baby

Image Source:

You can now assign the baby with the task of cleaning the floors!

32. We guess you can call this one a kitchen hack

Image Source:

Not many people would adopt this idea, though!

33. Here is another master of laziness

Image Source:

This is guaranteed to make a mess when you make one wrong move!

34. This one is a classic

Image Source:

Putting a hoodie backwards to use as bowl does not seem to be hygienic!

35. Walking the dog like a boss

Image Source:

If you are not into walking, you need to work smarter and hot harder!

36. This is pure genius

Image Source:

Of course, it is not applicable for most lawns, but we love the idea.

37. This was probably a temporary solution

Image Source:

We are convinced that many people out there have done a similar thing before!

38. Now this is something we all do

Image Source: Reddit

On many occasions we don’t feel like arranging eggs in the fridge!

39. This is what being both lazy and creative looks like

Image Source: Reddit

The idea this woman came up with is simple and effective but is looks weird.

40. Waiting in line was never easier than this

Image Source: Reddit

Why stand up when you can patiently wait your turn sitting!

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