43 Pics Showing How Delivery Drivers Turned Their Job Into A Wholesome Experience

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One of the perks of the modern way of living is the constant interaction with some delivery person. We guess that people are so used to shopping online that they turned it into a way of life. For instance, we even order our groceries and our dinner online, and just a decade ago we had no idea it would be like that. Being a delivery person can be really interesting, and the encounters with different people are sometimes worth sharing. Customers seem to also enjoy this type of relationship and they often share interesting delivery moments. The list below is full of nice examples showing this part of our lives.


1. This delivery person is definitely extra

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that this totally counts as an extra effort, right?

2. This is how everyone should do their job

Image Source: Reddit

Paying attention and caring for the customers is definitely a must!

3. Here is the most ridiculous way of transportation for a delivery person

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen these employees on scooters, bikes and roller skates, but never on a horse!

4. A UPS driver gave this truck to the autistic kid of one of his clients

Image Source: Reddit

The boy really loved these trucks and now he has one of his very own! This delivery guy is a legend!

5. One delivery driver found a lost dog

Image Source: Reddit

The dog enjoyed riding in the truck all day until the owner was found.

6. One mailman used to bring treats for a clients’ dog but it got sick

Image Source: Reddit

The family asked the mailman to stop with the treats, and he found a nice way to ask if it was okay to give him a treat after some time passed.

7. This mailman has company in one of the neighborhoods he works in

Image Source: Reddit

A resident had turkeys in their yard and they enjoyed hanging out with the mailman while he worked.

8. The US Postal Service know how to do their job

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, this mailman stepped out of his line of duty ti help. He is a real hero!

9. This is a brilliant way to hide a package

Image Source:

This person definitely knows how to deliver a package safely.

10. Someone knew that their order arrived

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that the doggo immediately realized who this package was for.

11. This is the most wholesome thing we’ve seen in a while

Image Source: Reddit

There are nice people and then there’s this person! We hope more people are like him!

12. This is a respectful excuse for not delivering a package

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that everything is possible when you live in Canada!

13. This is how you hide a package

Image Source: Reddit

We are sure that this delivery person is among the most dedicated in the field!

14. This mailman is definitely extra

Image Source: Reddit

There is nothing that could cheer you up as a funny postcard from the local mailman!

15. One person’s dog bit the local mailman

Image Source: Reddit

The mailman held no grudges and even left the doggo a Christmas card!

16. Here is a delivery person who strictly follows the protocol

Image Source:

Either the person neglected the fact that the package was this big, or it was a prank!

17. This mailman stopped to pay his respects

Image Source: Reddit

He saw a funeral motorcade and stopped because it was for a WWII veteran.

18. This is the best kind of competition

Image Source: Twitter

These delivery drivers know how to be rivals in the funniest possible way!

19. This delivery person obviously has doubt about the psychic

Image Source: Facebook

We guess he is right – after all, a psychic should know who is at the door!

20. Here is another kind mailman doing his thing

Image Source: Reddit

It doesn’t take much for a person to earn other people’s respect!

21. We guess this arrangement was not intentional at all

Image Source: Reddit

However, the delivery person was able to get the job done with a smile!

22. This is a really nice thing to do

Image Source: Reddit4

We guess that this is what all people should do!

23. This delivery person brings treat to their friend

Image Source: Reddit

We assume that the doggo is more than excited to sense the delivery person is at the door.

24. This person missed the graduation ceremony and had the diploma delivered

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that this is official enough and it defeinitely counts!

25. This kind postman saved the lives of this family’s pets rabbits 

Image Source: Reddit

Not all heroes wear capes! Some of them wear postman uniforms!

26. This pizza delivery employee managed to get stuck in a sudden flood

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, he tried to do the right thing and saved the pizza!

27. This is the postman from Rick and Morty

Image Source: Reddit

Apparently the cartoon character has a real life prototype!

28. This is Roger and he is a delivery driver

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that this is the coolest license plate he could possibly have on his personal vehicle!

29. This is a sweet thing to do

Image Source: Twitter

Not only this person is kind, but he always had treats for this client’s dogs!

30. This is how you bring the Christmas mood

Image Source: Reddit

A delivery driver is as close as a person could get to the real Santa, we guess!

31. This uplifting note ws left by a delivery person

Image Source: Reddit

This is an unexpected bonus but all packages should have such a message on them!

32. This is the most accurate delivery ever

Image Source: Reddit

We guess this delivery brings a new meaning to ‘door-to-door delivery’

33. Poncho the Chihuahua disliked the postman so he bribed him

Image Source: Twitter

The postman gave Poncho a bag of treats for Christmas and they probably became friends.

34. This is what we call a cute delivery person

Image Source: Reddit

Well, it is not a person, but it is someone better! Just look at that hat!

35. Here is how it’s done

Image Source:

This delivery person did not want the goods to be stolen so he did his best to hide them!

36. Now this is what we call a sense of humor

Image Source: Reddit

You can see the Wilson ball on the dash of the truck, and we all know how that is related to FedEx!

37. This mailman is not fooling around

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that this person has  the right attitude for the job!

38. Here is how a mailman who is a master of sarcasm delivers the goods

Image Source: Reddit

We love the way this delivery driver decided to do his job in this situation.

39. Now this is what we call a Christmas spirit

Image Source: Instagram

Bringing smiles and jouy to everyone is what the holiday season is all about!

40. Here is another UPS driver with a funny personality

Image Source: Reddit

The way he delivered the package is nothing but hilarious and we love it!

41. Here is one way to prevent a package from being stolen

Image Source: Reddit

It might look like a weird thing to do, but as long as it works, we are fine with it!

42. The bold letters are definitely intentional here

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a combined way to brag about fast delivery and other abilities.

43. This is a perfect fit

Image Source: Reddit

It is really satisfying to se how the package turned out to be a perfect fit into the window frame.

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