45 Images That Will Easily Make Every 90s Kid Feel Childhood Nostalgic

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As the years go by, we seem to forget about the good old days! Those among you who were born in the 80s got to enjoy a childhood during the early 90s, and this was a great time to be alive! Things were real back then, and now we mostly rely on technology for everything, including communication and entertainment. We thought that a list of throwbacks would be a nice way for many people to spend a few minutes of their time; after all, feeling nostalgic and remembering all those good vibes we used to experience is something really nice!

1. We used to love these

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There was always a new game for you to try!

2. Those gigantic coloring sets were the perfect gift

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We are not sure if these are around anymore but they were awesome!

3. Only a 90s kid would know what follows next

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This is the kind of situation that was typical for this game!

4. These simple games were a lot of fun to play

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We really liked the one with the ducks because of the special gear required!

5. Animated movies from ten or even twenty years ago were amazing

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Modern technology contributed a lot for their development, but the old ones are our favorite.

6. We grew up together with this kid

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Christmas will never be the same without Kevin!

7. This was no ordinary TV show

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The Power Rangers are emblematic for that era!

8. Things have changed a lot since then

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This is our kind of Pokemon! It is so different than the modern version.

9. Here is another thing that all 90s kids remember

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Most of the people our age would give anything in order to go back in time!

10. Polaroid cameras were a huge thing

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This was the kind of technology that impressed us back in the day!

11. Walkmans were widely popular

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Everyone wanted to listen to music while on the go!

12. Nothing speaks of the 90s more than this

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We all remember this symbol because it was everywhere!

13. Having a pocket electronic pet was a must

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Many kids were crazy about their animals and we all had at least one!

14. You haven’t lived if you never tried this

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After all those years there are still specific tastes from the 90s that we remember well, just like this one!

15. We used to love these

Image Source: Twitter

Talking about specific tastes, these are something we remember well!

16. Kids used to spend countless hours playing with these

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Playtime was realy different back in the day!

17. Speaking of playtime, these were a must

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Safety was not that much of an issue and we all used to perform stunts using these!

18. Here is a favorite gadget from that era

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This was more than just a flashlight! We want one now!

19. Here are all the best movies in one photo

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This image sums up the best animated movies of all time!

20. This was a fun way to predict the future

Image Source: Tumblr

This definitely brings back a lot of memories and smiles!

21. The Backstreet Boys changed pop music

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These faces were on every girl’s bedroom wall!

22. Britney was a huge influence 20 years ago

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You can probably recall dancing to her songs in the late 90s!

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23. Everyone had a Furby

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It was like nothing we had seen before and we were in love!

24. Videogames were different back then

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We are aware that games now are extremely realistic but we like the old ones better.

25. This was a super popular toy

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Literally every kids’ room had at least one of these in it.

26. Personal style was as important back then as it is now

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There were specific trends to follow and this was one of them.

27. We still love Sabrina

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It is fair to say that 9 out of 10 kids lived for this show!

28. These dolls were everywhere

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Toys can never be cooler than this!

29. You can never forget Buffy

Image Source: Twitter

This also brings back a ton of memories!

30. Here is something that will never come back

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Netflix and chill may be okay, but this was better!

31. These are the times we miss

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This used to annoy and upset us but now we miss it!

32. This is an iconic collection

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It is hard to forget all those creepy stories!

33. Having all the Beanie Babies was like having a treasure

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As we already mentioned, toys from the 90s will remain the best ones ever made!

34. Modern kids cannot operate with these

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If you give a cassette to a teenager now, they would not be able to put it in a walkman for sure!

35. You were cool if you had one of these

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The Game Boy is a legend and it deserves to be one, too!

36. Nokia 3310 will remain the most iconic mobile phone ever made

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Having a battery that lasts for a week and playing the Snake game was everything you needed!

37. This was a cool game

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We have probably spent weeks of our lives playing this game because ot was super fun!

38. Chances are you had such a phone

Image Source: Twitter

They should invent a transparent smartphone and we would buy one immediately!

39. Floppy disks were scattered everywhere

Image Source: Twitter

This is the grandparent of the USB flash drive and it was available in a variety of designs and colors!

40. Here is another cool game console

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We absolutely loved playing thiso one as much as we played on the Game Boy.

41. This is another legendary Nokia phone

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You were able to personalize it which turned it into a massive success!

42. Here is how we spent most afternoons 

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We could never get enough of this!

43. This is a must have collection

Image Source: Ebay

It has been a long time since we last saw these!

44. We all used to that

Image Source:

Being able to have fun at any given moment is what matters the most!

45. Here is another glimps of these transparent phones

Image Source: Е

We would love to have one of these because you can count it as a collectable now!

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