5 Foods And Drinks Banned In The US


You have probably heard that some foods and drinks are forbidden in the US but you still might be surprised to find out what the list includes

1. The all-time kid’s favorite – the Kinder Surprise egg – is forbidden in the States because it poses a serious risk of choking.1


2. Authentic Italian meats, such as prosciutto and salami, can’t be imported in the country – they are allowed only in case they are produced in the USA.


3. Vegemite isn’t banned but the FDA has a negative verdict on it due to it containing folate. Many traders don’t want to import it and it might be difficult to find it in America.



4. Sassafras oil that used be a flavoring agent in foods and drinks has been forbidden because laboratory tests have found it causes cancer. Absinthe used to be banned for several years but is now allowed in the US but only if it contains just a small amount of wormwood. Thus, the drink can’t make you hallucinate.

sassafras5. Other foods and drinks that are forbidden in the US include fugu, haggis, pommac, pig’s blood cake as well as horse and human meat.



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