5 Foods That Can Cause Weird Dreams

Dreaming is one of the most mysterious and interesting experiences, right? Everybody had experienced, but some of us think they haven’t – this is because most of the time we just forget everything within 5-10 minutes of waking up.

There are different opinions of why we’re dreaming and what the dreams mean. It’s surprising how strange the dreams could be and the answer is in our sleeping habits. According to a research there are foods and beverages that can affect sleep and make you have weird dreams.

1. Caffeine

A cup of coffee before going to bed can be refreshing, but the caffeine inside affects the brain. When you fall asleep your body and muscles are taking a break, but because of the caffeine the brain is still stimulated. The result might be different, from depressive to mad dreams. Furthermore caffeine often prevents you from falling into a deep sleep which is not good for the body. To avoid this drink beverages without caffeine.

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2. Cherries

Cherries have an ingredient which helps to fall asleep easier. It’s really weird, but the same ingredient might cause weird dreams. The melatonin is actually helpful for a good sleep, but also can be very harmful to people with hormonal problems. If you are one of those people and don’t want to have weird and crazy dreams, you’d better eat something else in the evening.

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3. Valerian root

Although, similar to melatonin, the valerian root is used for better sleep, but it can also lead to dreaming more wild dreams than usual. It’s true that the valerian root is used in some teas and pills (which help you to fall asleep faster), but the constant use can cause side effects. It is recommended not to use it for more than several weeks, because the usage can reflex in weird and strange dreams.

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4. Spicy foods

One of the main reasons for having wild dreams is eating too much spicy foods. The digestive system needs more time and effort to digest the food when it’s spicy. The extra work of the stomach may cause vivid and crazy dreams, because ones natural sleep pattern is interrupted. If the spices irritate your stomach and your digestive system can’t deal with them, we suggest you to exclude them from your menu at least before sleep.

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5. Cheese

Dairy foods and most the cheese are also caused extra work for your digestive system. The indigestion process of the cheese can take away a good and peaceful sleep. In addition, cheese is able to increase melatonin levels. As already mentioned, too much melatonin can also lead to more crazy and vivid dreams. Of course, different types of cheese are digested differently and it is still recommended to avoid the those kind of products before sleep.

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