5 People Who Were Killed Because Of Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the most popular shopping days, not only in the US, but all over the world. People wait for it inpatiently and try to get the best deals and buy as many things products as possible. This often leads to huge crowds in the shopping centers and stores. Sometimes things get pretty violent. Shoppers often act without thinking and hurt and even kill other shoppers in their desire to buy some discounted products.

But not only the shopping can get you killed on BF. If you want to join the mass hysteria you need to be prepared to face all kinds of things – from angry shoppers to furious ex-employers.

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#1 The deadly shootout at Toys”R”Us

On Black Friday 2008 the store was full of exhausted parents trying to buy cheap Christmas gifts for their kids. The store, just like every other with good discounts, had a lot of people arguing over toys. It was a little later when two couples got in a deadly fight. Since the police declined to reveal their names we are going to call them Couple 1 and Couple 2.  Here is how it all started:

The woman from Couple 1 started beating the woman from Couple 2. After taking Woman 2 on the ground he kept beating her. Husband 2 pulled out his gun in an attempt to end the fight, but as soon as Husband 1 saw what’s going on he pulled his loaded gun as well. After that Husband 2 started to run around the electronics and fired his gun. Husband 1 returned the fire and both men ended up dead. This happened in a crowded full of people store.

The police refused to reveal their names, because they states this was not a shootout over toys. The interviewed police officer stated that nobody is going to buy toys with a loaded gun and they can’t really reveal any more information.

#2 Ashlea Harris

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Ashela was 31-year-old woman from Dallas, Texas. She was an assistant manager at American Eagle Outfitters at her town. She was killed by two of her ex employees, who she caught stealing and fired the day before. Their names were Carter Cervantez and Clarence Mallory, and they were a couple back then.

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Unfortunately, Carter and Clarence knew that American Eagle will make a lot of money on Black Friday. They also made a plan how to steal the store’s money – by stealing the keys to the store from their former assistant manager, Ashlea Harris.

So, the couple got to Ashlea’s house and caught her as she was getting to bed. They started torturing her and things got pretty sadistic and violent. After they got tired of beating her up, they set her house on fire which led to Ashea’s death. They stole the store keys and tried to get the estimated revenue of $50k, but, they didn’t succeed. Carter and Clarence were caught and charged with Harris’ murder.

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#3 Isidro Zarate

Isidro was a 39-year-old guy from Texas. He and his wife, named Lisa, decided to go shopping on Black Friday. They had no plans of buying anything particular and decided to go to some stores just for the fun, because Lisa’s mother insisted to go and see San Antonio’s annual Holiday Lights on Riverwalk, which was just starting that night.

So, Isidro was sitting in his car, waiting for Lisa who was inside the Walmart in San Antonio, Texas, because she decided to buy some discounted clothing. Suddenly, he spotted a man who was beating a woman at the main entrance of the store. So he did the right thing – went there with his car and told the attacker to take his hands off the poor woman.

But as soon as he approached the attacker things didn’t turn quite good for Isidro. The thief, named Teles Mandan Juarez, pulled out a gun and started shooting at Zarate’s car. One of the bullets hit Isidro in the neck and the others went straight through his vehicle, causing injuries of two women who were standing nearby. After unloading his gun, the shooter got in his car and drove away from the crime scene. Because of so many witnesses the police managed to arrest him a little later. Lisa, Isidro’s wife, finished her shopping and went out of the store only to see the awful scene around her family vehicle.

Soon after the accident, the family of Isidro Zarate found out that he didn’t have life insurance, so they weren’t able to get compensated for their loss. So, they created a GoFundMe page which raised about $50k.

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