5 People Who Were Killed Because Of Black Friday

#4 Jdimytai Damour

Jdimytai Damour was a Walmart employee, who was unlucky to work on Black Friday in 2008 at the store in Valley Streams, New York. He got killed by the crowd who broke into the shop in their desire to get the Nintendo Wii.

Here is what happened: About two thousand people were waiting in line for the shop to open. 5 minutes before the official opening (it was 4.55 a.m.) the crowd got violent and got into the store. The Walmart employees tried to stop them, but got pushed away. There were no police officers or security guards to stop the mad customers.

So, the customers broke into the building through it’s doors, which led to a complete mess – broken and shattered glass everywhere. Jdimytai Damour was in the way of the inpatient shoppers, so he got smashed and literally walked over. By the time police officers manage to pull him away from the crowd he was already dead. No one was charged with the murder of this young man, because police weren’t able to identify that one person who actually killed Jdimytai.

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#5 Haile Kifer and Nick Brady

It was Thanksgiving night, 2012, and sixtyfive-year-old Byron Smith was quietly waiting for the people who robbed him several times previous years. The burglars already stole thousands of $ in cash from his house and a lot of other things including jewelry, weapons and his father’s watch.

So, that night, Byron was standing quiet with a loaded gun. He turned all the light off and kept waiting for the unwanted guests. He had planned everything and even moved his truck from the house, so it would look like he was not at home. A little after midnight the Black Friday burglars appeared – Haile Kifer and Nick Brady, seventeen and eighteen-year-old cousins, who decided to make some free Black Friday shopping right after they had a warming Thanksgiving dinner with their family.

As soon as he walked into the basement Nick was shot to death. He died almost immediately. After Byron Smith got next to him he shot him one more time just in case. After that he fired another two shots at Haile who fell down the stairs. Haile died almost immediately as well. The shooter mocked his second victim, laughing at her and telling her that she was dying. All that was recorded on his own tape recorder.

Instead of calling the police, Byron took the law in his own hands. He shot the teenagers in coldblood as he didn’t see them as human, but as vermin. He didn’t called the police until the next day, on BF.

According to the state of Minnesota, you can kill anyone if they break into your property. But Smith obviously planned everything, so what he did was not defending his property, but premeditated murder which got him a life sentence.

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Bonus story! Well, Mr Vance was not killed, because of Black Friday, but he died because of it!

#6 Walter Vance

Walter Vance was an ordinary sixty-one-year-old guy from Logan Contry, West Virginia. He decided to buy some discounted Chrismas decoration on Black Friday, 2001. So he went to the неарест Target Store in Logan County, West Virginia, USA. It was 12:15 a.m. and Black Friday was just in the beginning. Walter got too existed and couldn’t handle the stressful shopping experience which got him a heart attack.

He fell on the floor agonizing, but didn’t get any help from the other shoppers as they were too busy with getting what they wanted. Not only this, but the other customers even stepped over his body, as he didn’t even existed. Can you imagine?

After a while, an off-duty nurse saw the agonizing man, called an ambulance and started giving him cardiopulmonary resuscitation. But it was too late. His family got really mad when they found out about the circumstances that led to Walter’s death. And it’s understandable. If people weren’t so obsessed with Black Friday sales, someone could have saved him.

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