6 Cheaters Who Were Brought Down By Strangers

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1. This happened to a friend of mine – let’s call her Sarah.

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So Sarah starts dating this guy Ted. And Ted is perfect – he’s passionate, yet tender, he’s smart and funny and cooks the best pasta ever. It goes without saying that Ted is the kind of man who attracts a lot of women – something that Sarah knew, goes with the territory and didn’t bat an eye about all the girls who would flirt with him.

But there was this one girl, who would text him at weird times and would not let go. So, Sarah, being a woman you don’t mess with, picks up the phone one day and calls this mysterious lady. A voice on the other side says “Hello?” – “Hello? Who are you and why are you bothering Ted and me all the time ?” After a long silence the voice coldly answers “I’m his wife. And who might you be?”
Ouch. Poor Ted.

2. The “kindness” of strangers.

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There used to be a simpler time, when a cheater would have an easier time keeping an affair a secret. Basically if you played your cards right, not write letters and meet with you lover at the opposite end of town, chances were that no one would be the wiser.

That time has passed.

Now everything has a screen, every message goes to a cloud and even if you succeed in hiding your communication from your partner, you never know who’s looking. All it takes is the wrong pair of eyes falling upon your steamy communication and you’re caught with your pants, so to speak, down.

3. A virtual games has its rules.

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That’s another thing: using modern communication means you’ve got to learn the ins and outs.
Just think of this: how many times have you sent the right message to the wrong person?
Now imagine sending the wrong message to the wrong person. Oops – you only need to screw the pooch once in this game. So no matter how hot your messages get, your head must be cool. And don’t forget to delete your history – it can make all the difference in the world.

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