6 Cheaters Who Were Brought Down By Strangers

4. The “public execution”.

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So you’ve caught your loved one cheating, huh? You’re feeling betrayed and angry and want the whole world to know what piece of bad cake he or she is – and a public lynching on Facebook seems like a good idea? I hear you. But as good as that idea seems at this exact moment, trust me – it’s not. Not if the person you’re dating is the kind that likes posing with weapons on their pictures. Come to think of it – it’s never a good idea. Because guns don’t kill people…. well, you know the rest.

5. The stupidest thing to do.

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In the pantheon of stupid things people do when cheating, there is one thing that’s way stupid than the rest – cheating where you live. It’s not just dumb, it’s outright the most disrespectful act of violating your relationship period and thus – it’s the most offensive, borderline treasonous. And, surprise, surprise – it’s mostly done by men.

So – you want to dirty he sheets with someone and there’s nobody home for the weekend, huh? WRONG!
Your partner maybe not at home, but their aura and more importantly – their stuff is. There are all sorts of evidence around and it’s everywhere. No woman on the face of the world is stupid or blind enough not to pick up on these things.

You think she wouldn’t mind? Think again – chances are this whole situation will explode in your face, if not now, then down the line.

Here’s an advice – if you’re committed on doing the wrong thing, at least do it right, line your dad would – get some cash and rent a room somewhere. That’s my five cents on this matter. Not judging, just telling you how it is.

6. The BFF

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Unfortunately when most people cheat they are using fake names. The sad reality is that soon or later everybody gets caught. This friendly stranger made it public on reddit to do a favor of her husband.

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