6 Most Weird Bans Around The World


You probably think that your country’s government is a nuthouse for placing the next ridiculous ban but just wait until you read this!

1. Children names in Denmark: in Denmark you have to choose your child’s name from a list with 24,000 names given by the government.

2. Emo clothes in Russia : in order to lower the suicide percentage, the Russian government has forbidden the emo clothing.

3. V-day in Saudi Arabia: the Arabic government has banned the celebration of Valentine’s day in Saudi Arabia because it’s beyond their muslim principles. You won’t even find anything red in the shops on V-day!

4. Western haircuts in Iran: Iran has banned the Mulatis, ponytail and spikes hairdos in order to keep their culture uninfluenced by others.


5. Video games in Greece: that’s right, video games were banned in Greece in 2002 in order to ban electronic gambling machines. In 2003 the ban was removed.

6. Avatar 2D in China : the Chinese didn’t like the idea of the US army in the movie, so they allowed it only in 3D knowing there were more 2D theaters in China.



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