6 Ordinary People Who Did Extraordinary Things At The Las Vegas Shooting


As we all know the Las Vegas shooting took place on October 1, 2017 at the Route 91 Harvest music festival. At the end of the performance of Jason Aldean, an unknown ( by that time ) gunman opened fire from the 32nd floor of the nearby hotel Mandalay Bay. He killed himself after shooting, right before the police arrived. He managed to shot dead more than 58 and injure a couple hundred people.

The perpetrator name was Stephen Paddock, 64 years old and his motives are not known yet.

Usually a lot of people are loud on words when it comes to situation like that, but only a few are brave enough to risk their lives to save people. Here is an example of a couple brave guys who risked everything just to help others!

1. The Unknown Guy

A reddit user (tynation) posted a photo of this guy stating that he took a bullet while protecting his sister. It’s not yet confirmed if they knew each other before the shooting. We don’t have information on how’s that dude doing right now, but we salute him and wish him all the best.

Image Source: Reddit

2. The Lovely Husband Jack Beaton


During the shooting everybody panicked and started running for their life. Jack Beaton lost his wife, because everybody panicked and started running. He was able to find her a little later. Right after finding her he took a brave decision to protect and literally take a bullet for her. He jumped in front of his lovely wife in order to shield her and got shot. He was transported to the hospital, but unfortunately couldn’t make it.

Let’s pray for him and his soul!

Image Source: Twitter

3. The retired teacher Make Cronk

Mike and his best friend Rob were together when the shooting occurred. Rob was shot three times. Mike didn’t get scared and dragged him under the stage where him and a couple other people pressed the wounds while waiting for the pickup truck. Thanks to Mike Rob got to the hospital in time and made it.

Image Source: Instagram

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