6 Ordinary People Who Did Extraordinary Things At The Las Vegas Shooting


4. Firefighter Steve Keys

Steve Keys was one of the first responders to the shooting. He was there before the shooting ended. He helped a lot of people and while performing CPR on a injured woman he was grazed. He stayed there until the end and helped a more than 100 people to get rescued, despite he was hit.

Image Source: Facebook | Steve Keys

5. The brave girlfriend Summer Clyburn

Summer, her boyfriend and their three-months-old baby attended the concert. Her boyfriend was shot in the head and when she realized his life is in danger she protected him and their little baby with her body. Summer received a bullet in her back which is very difficult to be removed. Her boyfriend made it to the hospital and got through the life saving surgery and we hope he will be able to fully recover. He is off-duty cop in Cali.

Image Source: FACEBOOK

6. Brave veteran Taylor Winston

The first thing when he did after hearing the shots was run, but it’s not what you thought. Actually he run to help people get over a fence and stay safe. After that he started driving people to the hospital. He drove probably around 30 people to the hospital who received medical care in time.

Image Source: Facebook

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