6 Signs Your Dog Is Telling You Something

Usually when somebody has a dog it becomes family to him. Many of pet’s owners perceived them like their children. This shows that they will love and care for them.

Having a dog is much more than just fun and some walkings time to time. You have to try understanding their feelings. That’s right dogs have feelings too. Like children you have to understand and love them at the same time. It’s not so easy beacause the kids one day will tell you what’s going on but at the dogs this could never happen. There is not dog’s language dictionary, so here are some of their beahviors which can help you to understand what they need sometimes.

1. Eye contact for more than a couple of seconds

Researchers from Japan found out that the eye contact with the dog increases oxytocin levels. This is the way you can express attachment to the pet. Of course, it depends on the way dog looking at you, but if he is staring at you with a normal expression it’s the time to show affection.

Image Source: flickr/rswatski

2. Not everytime when the dog brings you something, he wants to play.

When your beloved pet brings you a toy or something else it is not neccessary to interpret like a game. This also means that the dog gives you a gift – something that it thought you might need.

Image Source: FLICKR

3. Waving its paw in the air with a head down

If your dog raises one of his paws while his head is looking down it means he’s most likely in a hunting position, and probably the “booty” is a bird.

Image Source: FLICKR

4. Shrinking in a hunching position.

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This definately means that something scared him and if there is nothing around like a source of fear maybe it’s about abusing.

Image Source: Daily Mail
| San Antonio Animal Care

5. Biting everything in the house

Not every time when your dog’s chewing home’s furniture is up to to the training as a little puppy. Maybe he’s just bored and you have to give him more exercises.

Image Source: Dogs and Puppies Daily

6. Standing on your feet

There are many reasons for this behavior of your pet. If he is scared it’s a way to calm down near you. Otherwise he tries to show his dominant traits. It could also be an expression of possessive insinuations if he is jealous. It that way he is trying to show the whole world that you’re “his”.
And if your dog doesn’t have any of these traits maybe he just likes being around you.

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