6 Things That Are Much More Dangerous Than You Probably Thought

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1. Box Jellyfish Kill Way More Often Than Sharks

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Nobody like the idea of getting stung by a jellyfish but we never think of these creatures as anything other than slimy and inpleasant. On the other hand, sharks are often described as extremely deadly and just straight up terrifying in general. The release of the movie Jaws strengthened this idea and it also sparked an ever-lasting trend of shark-related thriller movies, further enhancing the stereotype. In reality, while dangerous, sharks are rarely a cause of death for people. There are only a handful of fatal attacks on people every year and although that doesn’t mean we should disregard the danger of these salt-water beasts, we can relax, considering how small our chance of encountering a shark are.
The real concern for the people is much smaller and easier to underestimate-box jellyfish. These tiny sea creatures are actually extremely venomous, hard to notice in the water and worst of all-quite common. For example, in the Phillipines alone, at least 40 people die from box jellyfish stings every year.

2. Escalators

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We all have that one friend who’s afraid of getting on the escalator and we all think that it’s a ridiculous fear. Well, it isn’t! These moving stairs are actually far deadlier than any creepy elevator you’ve entered. In fact, the stigma of the falling elevator is almost completely a product of pop-culture with endless examples in action and thriller movies . The only case of a snapped elevator cable that caused a fall was back during 9/11 and the woman who was inside actually survived. These contraptions have a number of safety features especially nowadays while escalators haven’t really changed all that much.
Have you ever imagined having your shoelaces stuck in an escalator as its stairs slowly pull you towards a fate of minced human meat? It’s not a very unrealistic idea with real-life cases of people losing whole limbs due to such occurences. A more recent and especially disturbing case is of a man getting strangled because his sweatshirt was caught.

Another danger with escalators is the build-up of fire-causing materials which has caused incidents in the past like the 1987 tragedy of the London underground.Take the steps up next time friends!

3. Bodyspray

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Sometimes we don’t want to use pricey perfume when we go out, especially if we’re going to school or work. In those cases most people turn to bodyspray in order to smell the way they want. While mostly harmless as a whole, these products come with some serious risks if used excessively. Back in 1998, this was the case of a teen from Manchester, who simply wanted to smell nice and died because of it. Unfortunately, the young man was self-conscious to an extreme degree and used bodyspray obsessively. He covered his whole body with such large quantities that his family could smell him from far away rooms and even tasted the chemicals it contained that had spread through the air. His relatives knew it was excessive and even though they didn’t know about the risks, they still tried to warn him.

Those same chemicals were absorbed into his body for a long time and eventually poisoned and killed him, according to the coroner who examined the boy’s death.


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