6 Things Your Brain Won't Tell You

Of course, some of these thoughts might have crossed our minds from time to time but, in general, most of us choose to ignore them.

1. Now would be a good time to stop : when you put too much sauce on your nachos.

2. What if you don’t look at your phone every 5 seconds : seriously, do you really need to get that text so desperately? Just leave your phone aside and forget about it, at least for a little while.

3. This seems important but isn’t : playing video games might be fun but you should really spend more time reading a book or spend time with your family.

4. Going from your computer to your TV in an infinite cycle may hurt your attention span : when you try to do too many things simultaneously you lose your focus and end up doing neither thing properly. If you have a paper to finish, for example, turn the TV off, finish the paper and then watch that show.

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5. Kids made this and you don’t actually care : child labor is a pretty big issue as many children in developing countries need to work in order to support themselves and their families. If we all choose not to buy products that have been made by children we can actually help to put a stop to this terrible practice.

6. You may be responsible for your failures and less responsible for your success : we tend to blame our failures on everyone else but ourselves – our parents, our life partners, the economy, you name it. Yet, we often forget to thank people and appreciate their help when we manage to succeed in something. We should take more time to think about all those who have made a contribution to our success.


Written by Sylvia

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