7 Examples Of Men Who Did Stupid Things For A Woman And Paid The Price

John Hinckley Jr. and Jodie Foster

As we all know, true love is often blind, as the old saying goes, and this is no exaggeration. The problem is that love can push people to do amazing and beautiful things, but sometimes it can do exactly the opposite – a man in love is capable of such incredibly idiotic feats that you begin to wonder if the reason was love in the first place, or just plain stupidity.

1. Thad Roberts

A NASA intern by the name of Thad Roberts managed to steal moon rocks that the Apollo missions brought back to Earth. In 2001, Roberts, who was 24 years old at the time, got accepted in the aspiring astronauts program created by NASA. The married man started working at Houston’s Johnson Space Center, where NASA kept the moon rocks gathered during all Apollo missions. Some of the rocks were in a 600-pound safe located in scientist Everett Gibson’s lab. One night Roberts decided to steal the rocks and broke in the lab with two young women who were also interns at NASA. Since they could not open the safe, the trio decided to take it out with a trolley. Later Roberts and one of the women, Tiffany Fowler, drove to Orlando.

Roberts planned to place the rocks on the black market and had already contacted the Belgian collector Axel Emmermann. Assuming that he got away with it, the man and his lover decided to celebrate early by having sex on the bed while the rocks were stacked under the bed liner. Unfortunately for them, Emmermann became suspicious and decided to contact the FBI. Eventually Roberts admitted the crime and received a six-year sentence. He later claimed that he committed the crime because of the love he had for his girlfriend and that the money from the sale was intended to fund groundbreaking science, but nobody believed that story.

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2. Isoladel Giglio

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The “sail by” tradition is very popular among Greek and Italian seafarers. During the maneuver the ship would slowly pass near the shore line, enabling the passengers to greet the people on the coast.

The Costa Concordia cruise ship was close to the Isoladel Giglio Island in Italy, carrying more than three thousand passengers and more than a thousand staff members. The ship captain, Francesco Schettino, who was 53 years old at the time, had a girlfriend, Domnica Cemortan, a dancer from Moldova who was half his age.

On 13th of January 2012 the ship attempted the above mentioned maneuver. Schettino stated that the “sail by” was ordered by the Costa Cruises managers, but this was not confirmed. What is known for sure is that the captain disabled the navigation of the ship, confident that he could do it by sight. As soon as he saw the waves breaking over the reef, he knew that he had to turn the ship around, but an underwater rock that was not present on the maps tore the ship’s hull open. Costa Concordia soon capsized and Schettino decided to leave the ship, despite the Coast Guard’s order to return immediately.

As a result of the tragedy 32 people lost their lives and more than 300 others were left in terror on the sinking ship waiting to be rescued by motorboats and helicopters. The investigation revealed that Schettino simply decided to entertain his lover and her presence distracted him, causing the tragedy. For his reckless behavior he received a 16-year sentence for manslaughter.


3. John Edwards

The former U.S. politician John Edwards was running for president and during his campaign at the end of 2006, he hired the young Rielle Hunter to film a few episodes for an online documentary series about his campaign organization. Rumors about a potential romantic relationship between them started circulating the following year, which was very sad, because Edwards’ wife had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. In the end of 2007 National Enquirer published material about it along with a photo of the pregnant woman. Later, Andrew Young, who was one of the members of Edwards’ campaign team, claimed that he was assigned to find a doctor who could fake DNA test results. Later he was even forced to take one of the baby’s used diapers for a secret DNA test to confirm that Edwards really was the father.

The politician initially denied everything, but eventually confessed. His wife decided to leave him and announced her decision in the beginning of 2010, but the breast cancer she was suffering from got worse and she passed away on 7th of December 2010.

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4. Carrie Phillips

Carrie Fulton Phillips managed to blackmail president Warren G. Harding and his party using the hundreds of love letters he sent her over a long period of time. The letters were quite explicit and to give you an example, we’ll just mention that he used the nickname “Jerry” for his … you know. The families of the lovers had close relations prior to the romance. In 1901 Carrie Phillips’ little boy passed away, which was a hard time for her. That is when she and Harding became very close, and eventually that bond grew into an intimate relationship. Harding’s wife eventually became aware of the affair and the whole Phillips family went to Europe in an attempt to normalize the situation. In that period Harding tried to win a seat at the U.S. Senate. Eventually, Europe was involved into the First World War and that forced Phillips to return to the U.S. thus the affair between her and Harding continued. She was quite fond of Germany and even threatened her lover to reveal the truth about their relationship to the public if he supported any hostile actions against Germany.

The Republican Party nominated Harding for president of the United States in 1920. He decided to speak to his fellow party members about his affair with Phillips and shared details about the letters he sent Phillips. They decided that everything had to remain a secret, especially because of her sympathy for Germany. Phillips remained quiet about the affair, but in return managed to receive a long trip around Asia and all of the islands in the Pacific Ocean, which was paid for by the Republican Party, as well as an annual financial support for as long as she lived.

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