7 Extremely Bizarre Cases Of People Coming Back To Life

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Death of a loved one.

There is no doubt that most of us dread even the thought of bidding a last fare-well to our parents, friends, or spouses, but the fact remains – sooner or later life ends. The funeral is usually our last chance to say goodbye and let them go in peace. See how I used the word “usually”? That’s because every once in a while a story about a not-so-dead dead person would make the news. Strange as it is, stories like this exist – cases of people ‘springing to life’ minutes, sometimes hours after they’ve been declared dead. Happens in morgues, at wakes, hell – even funerals aren’t a hundred percent resurrection-proof. Here are some of those curious cases:

1. An infant, twice deceased

Can a parent experience anything worse than a death of a child? Yes – if it happens twice… to the same child. A recent case of such tragedy comes from Brazil, where a young couple lost their son Kelvin Santos, age 2, to pneumonia. A wake was held that night. The next day, just minutes prior to the funeral Kalvin got up, while in his coffin, turned to his father and told him he was thirsty. Needless to say, the people there jumped up, screaming in pure horror and awe. “For a second we actually thought God had given us back our boy.” the father recalls. “But then he just laid down again, closed his eyes and never opened them again. The child was dead.” His parents filed formal complaints against the doctors. The police are currently investigating the case.

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2. Back from the grave

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This took part in Yemen, where an older gentleman (age 65) suffered what seemed to be a fatal heart attack. His body was then washed, according to Muslim tradition and then wrapped in cloth, before it was laid down in view of his loved ones. Suddenly the man came back to life and he wasn’t too happy about what was happening neither. “You people want me dead and burried, don’t you!” he screamed at the shocked mourners gathered around. After everybody came to their senses, they gave him new clothes and celebrated his return to life.

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3. A morgue miracle (with a baby)

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Luz Milagros (meaning “miracle light”) was born in Buenos Aires at just 26 weeks of gestation. Her mother Analia Bouter knew she had a fight for her baby’s life on her hands from day one and that it wouldn’t be easy. She lost that fight just a few months after Luz’ first birthday, when the baby suffered a medical complication and was later declared ‘dead’ after what looked like a clear-cut case of cardiac arrest. The infant’s body was then carried to the hospital morgue, where it stayed for 12 hours, before Analia and her husband came to say a final ‘goodbye’ to their daughter. And then the unimaginable happened – as Analia touched the baby’s tiny cold hand, she felt something was wrong, but in the best possible way. The baby softly cried out as Analia and her husband fell to their knees in awe of the miracle before their eyes. Their daughter is still alive, although suffering from irreversible brain damage.


4. Screaming from the great beyond (another morgue story)

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If even trained professionals can be wrong on the subject of who’s dead and who’s not, where does that leave us, normal folk? A such predicament occurred when man in his sixties from South Africa suffered what looked like a fatal asthma episode. His family, blinded by grief and wanting for the whole ordeal to be over as quickly as possible, made the mistake of skipping a step in the process and called a funeral service, rather than the paramedics. The funeral company came, took the body of the ‘deceased’ and took it to a refrigerated morgue. After a refreshing 21 hours nap, the dead came back to live to find himself in a dark and cold place. His panicked screams echoed in the building, taking everybody off guard, to say the least. “They all thought a ghost came back to defile the bodies, so they ran like hell.” Sizwe Kupelo recalls. It took them a while to get back inside and set the man free.

Written by George Angel

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