7 Extremely Bizarre Cases Of People Coming Back To Life

5. The hungry dead

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This story could make a hell of a commercial for noodles. The body of Li Xiufeng, age 95, was discovered by her neighbor, who came to visit the old woman in her home. Stiff as a stick and as cold as the floor she was laying on, there was a little doubt as to what had occurred. The body was prepared, according to the local custom – she was placed in a coffin and left to rest there for several days before the scheduled funeral to come. That funeral never took place, since the day before that same neighbor who originally found the body came to say goodbye and found the coffin empty. Turns out Li was deep asleep and upon waking up she was so hungry, that she went on to get some food. “In the end what saved her, was our tradition of waiting a number of days before burring the body”, the doctor says. It’s unfortunate that in accordance to the same tradition, her earthly possessions were all burnt, but hey – when life gives you lemons…

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6. One woman, two funerals

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Pictured: Fagilyu (l) and husband Fagili Mukhametzyanov (r).

This chilling story comes from Russia, where a 49-years old woman by the name of Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov was pronounced dead, after collapsing in her home due to severe chest pains, that doctors declared ‘a massive heart attack’. An open-casket funeral followed, and by classic Russian tradition, the mourners were praying for Fagilyu’s soul and her safe passage to Heaven. Suddenly the dead opened her eyes and upon realizing what was happening, she started screaming. She was then rushed back to the hospital and spent 12 minutes in intensive care, before dying again, for real this time.

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7. The pain that woke the dead

Being a medical examiner sounds so alien as a concept to most of us, that we often forget it’s a profession just like any other. Sometimes you don’t want to go to work, sometimes you make mistakes, based on you having a good day or a bad day. On one such bad day, back in 2007, the body of a Venezuelan man by the name of Carlos Camejo was layed down on an autopsy table with two medical examiners, ready to work. The man was presumed dead, following a devastating highway accident. When they first cut into Carlos’ face, the examiners were dumb-founded by the fact that fresh blood poured out. As they quickly went on to sewing up wound, the not-so-dead Carlos regained consciousness, due to the pain. Still – one cut is more than a fair price, if it gets you back to your loved ones and your life.

H/T – DailyMail

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