7 School Shooters And The Reasons They Did It

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There’s no way around a simple truth: the term “School shootings” is now a part of our daily lexicon. To me this is a tragedy on its own. Not to mention how many of those have young people at the heart of it. It’s a modern social sickness, one so young, that can be traced back to less than 40 years back in time. What happened during those 40 years?

Some people would hurry to point what’s on TV. Shows like Dexter, True Blood, The Wire, Breaking Bad, etc. have a lot of violence and some even seem to glorify it. Other would say it’s Godlessness – no moral rules to hold society together in a bundle of civil safety. Both of those groups are quick to forget that the Bible is a pretty violent (at points) book and that violence in cinema is way older than Game of Thrones. Video games? There are whole countries that made video games their national sports. Crime rate in those countries – close to zero. Maybe it’s guns then? Yeah, being able to easily access a gun certainly doesn’t help in a situation of a maniac out to kill people. But still – weapons are available through the whole world. It could be all of the above. I can’t honestly say that I have an answer, but what I do have are seven examples of young people who somehow ended in that dreaded category, called “school shooters”.

Here are stories:

1. Brenda Spenser

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I figure, If I’m going to write on this particular subject, let’s give the Devil his due and start with the originator for the term ‘School Shooter’. The grandpa (or in this case – the grandma) of this social ill was small and pale, with long red hair dropping down past her shoulders and in 1979 she was just a 16 years old girl, living with her father in their house in San Diego.

Looked from a surface point of view, the story, albeit with an unanswered motive, is quite simple: In the morning of 29th of January, 1979, Brenda, armed with a shotgun, shot eleven people, killing two of them – the principle of the school where the shooting took place, and a custodian. The other nine – eight children and one police officer, survived their injuries. Brenda then went back in her house and patiently waited for the police to show up. As the first police car pulled up and parked in front of her home, she exited the premises and surrendered without resistance. Her official statement as to why she went on the shooting spree was that it was Monday and she didn’t like Mondays. She also said that shooting those people livened up her day. She was tried as an adult and went on to serve 25 to live. Her motive is a mystery to this day.

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2. Luke Woodham

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This is a classic cautionary tale about bullying.

Luke Woodham was what many people his age would see as a nerd and a weakling. Even though he was six feet tall, he wasn’t very imposing physically and was bullied in school and at home, where he lived with his mother after her divorce some years back.

She would tell him it was his fault she separated with his dad. She would tell him she didn’t love him and no one ever would, because he was fat, lazy, weak and a loser. At school things were not better for the young man – he had no friends to speak of and every day was a challenge. The reality of school is comparable to the reality of jail in the sense that a person with no friends is a person with too many enemies. Pushed aside from every social circle and bullied both by boys and girls, Luke found a company outside of school – in different subcultures of Satanist cultists and other outsiders like him. That didn’t help him none, as the boy was slowly getting closer and closer to his mental edge – a time bomb that would claim its victims on the 1st of October, 1997.

Luke started that particular morning by killing his mother with a knife. Then he proceeded to load a hunting rifle and drove to his school where he unleashed all of his suppressed wrath on his classmates, killing two of them and injuring seven others. He later claimed that demons told him to do it.

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