7 School Shooters And The Reasons They Did It


3. Elliot Rodger

Not this one is still fresh and I’m willing to bet donuts to dollars that most of you have seen this video, recorder by Elliot the day before he murdered six individuals. His motive seems quite clear from the video, as he states that his killing would be an act of revenge against everyone for the lack of love and intimacy in his life.

At 22, Elliot was a virgin and that weighed heavily on him, as he saw himself as good looking, smart and sophisticated, a real alpha male, a god even, a man who was owed the attention of women rather than having to earn it. His frustration was building over the fact that he felt alone and isolated, he wanted friends, but wasn’t the kind of person capable of human interaction easily, therefore forced to watch everyone else having normal everyday interactions, while he, the god, couldn’t get any of that.

So this was, in the end, this was a severe case of narcissism, one for the books. His overblown ego and delusion of grandeur were hit by reality every day, resulting in what I imagine to be a painful process, that if managed by professionals, could get him to a safer place, but instead drove him to Crazytown.

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4. Elizabeth Bush

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Here’s another story about the results of what some absent-minded parents and ill-prepared teachers refer to ‘kids being kids’ and a text book would refer to as ‘bullying’.


Elizabeth Bush was an eight grader, who had it rough in school. Her classmates would call her stupid, an idiot, a fatty and plain ugly. On one occasion she was stoned by six other students, as she was getting home after school. Those six were laughing and barking (yes – barking – like dogs), as they were throwing those stones .

This resulted in depression, which lead Elizabeth to a point where she started regularly cutting herself with a knife, deliberately causing physical pain to her body. She wouldn’t talk about that with anyone, except for her best (and by all accounts – only) friend – Kimberly Marchese, who she’d swore on not telling anyone.

Later Bush became paranoid that Kimberly didn’t keep her promise and in a outburst of revengeful violence, she shot her best friend in the school cafeteria. Elizabeth would later state that she wanted Kimberly to know her pain.

Luckily, Kim survived that attack. From her perspective Liz was imagining everything. She recalls Elizabeth telling her that on a number of occasions she was talking to God. “She wasn’t at her best, mentally speaking” Marchese later stated. There was never a fight between them and in fact they haven’t even talked in weeks, prior to the shooting.

In the end, no one got hurt and Elizabeth did receive help. Kim shrugged the whole story off, saying that it was just as possible for anyone to get shot that day – she just happened to be ‘the lucky one’. Lucky indeed.

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