7 School Shooters And The Reasons They Did It


5. Evan Ramsey

Alas, not all story have as happy endings as the Elizabeth Bush’s. Often the bitter end is sown in the beginning and the character that ends up being a monster is revealed to be no less of a victim than his own victims. Such is the case of one Evan, Ramsey, who in 1997 shot and killed two other students, after years of abuse.

Evan’s childhood was branded by constantly moving from one foster home to another, after his biological mother was declared unable to take care of him (she was a binge drinker and an alcoholic). Most of his experience with those foster homes, Evan would later transcribe simply as “really abusive and let’s leave it at that”.

In the end Evan got lucky enough to move in with a woman that was on the level – a real foster mother – supportive and caring. Unfortunately that was undercut by his high school experience, where he’d be bullied on a daily basis. At first he tried to reason his way out of trouble – he told his mother about his problems and she advised him to report everything that was going on to the school’s principal. Evan did that and nothing happened – except that the bullying got worse. One day something gave and Evan decided that the only way of making people to leave him alone, is to kill a few of them. Which is exactly what he did, after years and years of unattended violence.


6. Jaylen Fryberg

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Here’s a sweet and polite kid, who in 2014 committed the grisly murder of four of his friends, before killing himself, just because… he was dumped by his girlfriend. Living without her didn’t seem to have much sense, so he decided that he wanted to die, but he also thought that he would need company on his journey to the other side…

Yeah, sounds pretty crazy, I know. Let’s put it in perspective and see if we can make more sense of that, shall we?

It all started with Jaylan’s girlfriend breaking up with him. It devastated him and in return, he unleashed on her a series of text messages in which he threatened to commit suicide (for which she was to take blame), if she wouldn’t have him back. The girl didn’t respond well to those threats and in the end he realized it was hopeless. In one of his final messages to her he told her not to bother going to his funeral.

His final message was to his parents. He loved them, he wrote, but he was unhappy. His plan was to move ahead and make his final journey to the other side, but he wanted to take his friends with him, for company. This was written calmly and with no ill intent, just out of pure belief that life continues after death.


He then proceeded to go to school and shoot five people, taking with him four of them. A massacre, fueled by nothing more than childish fear of emotional pain and blind faith in the underworld.

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7. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris

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As always, I left the best (in this case – the worst) for last. This is what nightmares are made of. It made news. It was a basis for Michael Moore’s “Bowling for Columbine”. It got people to blame Marilyn Manson music and violent video games. It got the biggest gun control debate stirred up. The shots of over 900 rounds of ammunition fired in that killing spree would echo forever in US history. 15 dead (including the killers). 24 injured. In the heart of that tragedy were two young boys by the names of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris.

On the morning of 20th of April, 1999 the two friends went to a bowling alley and played a couple of games, before going to their school and start the bloodbath. Both of them kept journals and while a lot of what’s in those journals speaks to the how and when of their plan, not so much is written on the ‘why’, prompting the public to later project the blame on everything that the boys liked doing (except for bowling, for some reason) – like listening to metal music or playing video games. But what was in those journals anyway?

Harris’s journal was a dark one, full of anger towards humanity, a product of shapeless anger, while Dylan’s journal spoke of sadness and loneliness and thirst for connection with others. The huge number of poems he wrote were all about a world that’s cold and meaningless without a soulmate to share it with. To that end Klebold would cut himself on a regular basis, which speaks of possible depression. He viewed himself a Deity of Sadness and not of this world. He believed that Harris and he were created by each other from each other. As for the rest of the world and its population – they were nothing but zombies, sent onto the world as a test to prove if love can be genuine.

The last thing that Klebold ever wrote in his diary was that the time for death and freedom and love was upon them.
After the shooting and the screaming ended, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris committed suicide in the school library. To this day no one can say for sure what exactly was at the heart of their deed. I believe that if those two have never met, 15 people would be alive today. But then again, if they couldn’t find weapons to kill those people with…. an endless (and rather pointless) game of what could and should have been, as everyone saw a different truth behind this shooting.

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Editor’s note:

Mine is just another one of those pointless versions, but here it is: most of these cases could have been averted, if those young people were watched after and listened to more. All of them showed some signs of disturbance along the way. All of them needed help and for one reason or another they didn’t receive any. The reason in my opinion – no one was watching. The more detached we become from one another, the less invested we are in us as a whole. An organism that is not interested in the health of all cells is bound to get a cancer now and again. Care more.


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