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8 Heartwarming Pics That Will Make You Grin And Feel Good About Life

Image Source: Reddit

There are a lot of pictures out there on the internet that will tick you off. A lot of news stories probably tick you off a bit. Everyone is always reporting on the negative.

I am guessing, if you are like me, that most people bother you a little bit. There are a lot of terrible people out there.

There are also people, though, who actively try to make the world a better place. They generally do it in small ways, but every little bit helps. Just one smile or kind gesture really can, I think, make all of the difference.

Here are nine heartwarming pictures that will make you smile and feel good about life.

1. The Dog at the Polling Station

Image Source: Twitter

I would bring my dog with me to vote. I find voting very stressful. They always say your name before you go into the booth, and I live in a pretty small town so there’s at least one person there I know, and there are all of those buttons you have to press. I think my dog would keep me calm and focused.

I did a quick search, and apparently dogs are allowed inside polling stations in certain parts of the United States—just not where I live, apparently. There are also people who want dogs to be able to vote, and that’s weird. My dog is pretty smart—for a dog anyway. I don’t really think he has the mental capacity to understand the various positions of the politicians, though. He’s smart, but he’s not that smart.

Then again, he’s probably smarter than me. All he really has to do is lay around, do his business once in a while, and eat free food. I don’t know if he is smarter than me, but he is definitely happier than me.

I am jealous of the way dogs can manage to fall asleep whenever they want. They don’t get insomnia like people do—as far as I know, anyway. You don’t ever hear about dogs pacing around in the middle of the night contemplating their lives and the choices they’ve made.

I really do hate election time in the United States. Earlier today I read an article about how much was spent on political ads in the state where I live. It isn’t a big state, and there aren’t many people. In the past couple of weeks alone, well over $1 million was spent on ads.

I actually worked on a political campaign once. I didn’t particularly believe in the candidate, but I needed a paycheck. He didn’t win, and his family ended up in a lot of debt as a result of his failed bid. You pretty much have to be well-off to run for office in the United States; I consider that a big problem.

2. The Deer in the Fence

Image Source: Reddit

This poor little deer got stuck in a fence, and these people were kind enough to help out. I like to think I would have done so; “Bambi” is one of my favorite movies, after all, even if it is sort of dark.
I once rescued a pigeon. It got its head stuck in a grate. I don’t really know how that happened, but it was terrible to watch. I gently pulled the head out, and it happily flew away. Everyone around me was disgusted that I touched it and insisted I wash my hands immediately.

I actually kind of like pigeons. I don’t like how they poop everywhere, but they don’t otherwise bother me. I actually prefer pigeons to deer. Don’t get me wrong; in general, I like deer. I think they’re beautiful creatures. There’s a park close to where I live where I see deer all of the time. The baby ones are really cute.

However, they cause so many car accidents where I live. A few years back, I was driving behind a guy who hit a deer with his car. Thankfully, I am an attentive driver and was able to stop in time. The deer actually managed to get up and scamper away, but I somehow doubt the little guy or gal lived through the winter.

3. The Hats for the Babies

Image Source: Reddit

Some nurse made these cute little hats for the newborns at the hospital at which she works. It apparently took about 60 hours or so. That’s sweet, I think; the parents were probably very grateful. That’s a nice souvenir.

It is important to help others, of course, but it really bothers me when people talk about the charity work they do. It isn’t technically charity if you go on and on about the nice things you’re doing for others; that just makes you a person who wants attention and wants people to think you’re a good person. Good people don’t demand recognition for their charitable acts.

I know a lady who cuddles babies at the local hospital. I guess babies need to be cuddled; they can’t cuddle themselves, after all. The problem is that she constantly goes on and on and on and on about how she cuddles the babies. She also really likes babies, too, and is desperate for a grandchild. Therefore, I don’t consider what she’s doing charity. She’s retired, bored, and likes babies. It is just a way to pass the time. Her daughter doesn’t seem like she’s in any hurry to give her mom a grandkid. That’s a different story for a different time.

Most people like babies. I do. I’ve cuddled a few in my day—as a result of their being related to me or a neighbor. I didn’t think I was doing anything particularly extraordinary. Similarly, if you really like puppies, you’re not doing anything particularly “good” by volunteering to play with puppies. Playing with puppies is the best!

There are sick, smelly, homeless people out there; volunteering your time to make sure they have a hot meal in their belly and clothes on their back—and then not going on and on about your volunteer work—is a good thing to do. If you tell others about every “nice” thing you do, then you might actually be a sort of awful person.

4. The Professor and the Baby

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

Speaking of babies, this professor fed a baby while his student was taking an exam. I guess it is kind of sweet and heartwarming; still, I have to wonder what the big deal is. I’m sort of surprised that the professor allowed the parent to bring the baby to class; then again, what was he supposed to do? You can’t just tell a mother to leave her baby in a hallway. I suppose you could, but that would definitely make you a jerk. It might actually be illegal in most countries. You can bring a baby pretty much anywhere; sadly, I can’t bring my dog to my favorite restaurant, which I think is unfair. You are far more likely to get sick due to being around a baby. I don’t think you can actually get sick due to interacting with a dog. Also, my dog is the size of a newborn baby. The laws need to be changed!
Still, it really isn’t that hard to feed a baby. It was probably the highlight of that old guy’s day, actually.
I haven’t fed a baby lately, but I did give my three-year-old neighbor candy on Halloween. That’s sort of similar, right? She apparently likes Skittles, and who can blame her? I love the Skittles. They are terrible for your teeth, I know, but they are just so good. Because they are fruit flavored, you can pretend like they’re good for you! I like the sour ones.

5. The Felines and the Newborn

Image Source: Reddit

I can’t really blame them for being suspicious in regard to the newborn baby that suddenly appeared in their home. Wouldn’t you be? All of the sudden they have to deal with a wrinkly little thing that does nothing but cry and take up the attention of their owners.

Honestly, I’m surprised this picture was taken. I wouldn’t trust any animal near a newborn baby. I certainly wouldn’t trust my dog near a baby. I don’t even feel comfortable falling asleep near him, and I am a full-grown man. He always looks like he is plotting something devious. It is a very uncomfortable feeling. I once fell asleep on the couch and woke up to find him sitting on my head. He was staring at me. I actually let out something of a scream, which I am embarrassed to admit. It was weird! What kind of dog sits on the head of its owner? He thinks he owns the place, and I am not very happy about that.

6. The Bouncy House

Image Source: Reddit

According to someone on Reddit, a stranger delivered a bouncy house for a little girl’s birthday party; the stranger also helped set up that bouncy house. You would think the stranger was looking for money, but you would be wrong. The stranger was apparently just trying to be nice, which is kind of shocking to me. Sadly, at least in my neck of the woods, most strangers are indifferent at best. A few weeks ago someone let me go ahead of them in line because I was only buying one thing and she was purchasing ten or so items. That was nice of her, but that’s about all you can really expect from the people who live around me.

7. The Dog Who Wants To Play

Image Source: Reddit

According to a Reddit user, this dog shows up at the user’s house once in a while looking to play. The dog belongs to a neighbor. The Reddit user gets to experience having a dog for an hour or so, which is always fun.

Some people just don’t have time to own a dog, but like interacting with them. Dogs are a big commitment. They’re also expensive. You should expect to spend at least $500 a year on a dog, and that’s if you are lucky. If your dog gets sick, you’ll be spending a lot more. That’s why I personally recommend pet insurance if you purchase a puppy. It’ll save you a small fortune if your dog needs surgery.

My old dog was great and I miss him, but he was an expensive little thing. He once managed to eat a lot of dark chocolate; as a result, he almost developed pancreatitis. He managed to live for many more years, but the veterinarian bill was pretty insane. That was one of those times pet insurance would have been a good thing to have.

There are a lot of foods that are very dangerous to dogs, so you need to be careful. For example, you should never give your dog onion. Garlic is also bad.

8. The Box Of Food

Image Source: Reddit

This is a box in a laundromat. People can drop off food they don’t need; people in need can pick up food. That’s the way it should work. It is a simple and elegant solution to hunger in that neighborhood.

It really is hard to believe that there are people in the United States who go to bed hungry. Really nutritious food can cost a lot, true, but just a couple bucks can make a huge difference. Nobody should ever have to go to bed in literal pain because they haven’t eaten in days. Also, black beans are delicious and can really fill a person up. You can get a can at my local market for less than a dollar.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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