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8 Kind Deeds That Are Also Pretty Awesome

Image Source: KTVU

Most people generally don’t go out of their way to be kind anymore. That’s the way it seems, anyway. Everyone is focused on themselves and what they need; they don’t really focus on others.

People typically are not mean, but they don’t really try very hard to be nice either.

It really warms the heart when people go out of their way to help you. For example, have you ever had a flat tire and have someone stop to help you change it? That is the kind of act of kindness that happens far too rarely.

Here are nine examples of kind deeds that will make you feel good about humanity and are also pretty cool.

1. The Bucket and the Beach

Image Source: iNews

If you fill up this bucket with litter from a beach, the café at the beach will give you a free hot beverage. I think that’s a great arrangement. Businesses should definitely be involved in keeping their towns and cities free of litter.

When I drive around, I constantly see signs about local businesses who have adopted a stretch of road. I think that’s great. That stretch of road does look a lot nicer compared to other stretches of road. They get great publicity, too; the signs are pretty large, and I know a lot of people in my town make it a point to frequent those businesses.

I just hate picking up trash, though. When I was in high school, my parents made me join an organization that forced me to volunteer for several hours a month. It was awful. First of all, with the exception of the time I had to pick up trash by the side of the road, I don’t think I ever accomplished anything. I remember I volunteered at a museum one time—all we did was sit around and eat free pizza and drink soda. I guess my membership helped me get into college, so it wasn’t a total waste of time, but it was super boring.

As a pretty small kid, I once volunteered at a nursing home; I can’t remember why. That wasn’t so bad, though. All I did was play pool with the old guys. One of them taught me a lot about the game. I am still terrible at pool, but I would be far more terrible if it weren’t for his advice. That was a couple decades ago, and the guy who taught me was in his 80s at the time. I am guessing that he isn’t around anymore, which is sort of sad. He told a lot of fun stories.

2. The Santa and the Deaf Girl

Image Source: Reddit

The little girl in this picture is deaf, and for that reason can’t speak very well.

The Santa in this picture apparently knows how to sign, which is very cool. Not many people who portray Santa know how to do so. That’s a good skill for them to have. This is very heartwarming, and the girl apparently ended up with an enormous smile on her little face.

I remember believing in Santa when I was a kid, and I vividly remember the day my parents told me that they had been lying to me for several years. It wasn’t the best day. You like to believe there are people out there who exist for no other reason than to make you happy; sadly, that just is not the case. I sort of feel like an idiot as a result of ever believing in Santa. Life just does not work that way.

3. The Cool Police Officer

Image Source: Reddit

Officer Jenkins is apparently the coolest police officer ever. Most police officers, at least in the United States, will give you a ticket for having brake lights that don’t work. It is a way to make money for the police department.

How are you supposed to know that your brake lights are out, really? They’re on the back of your car. Are you supposed to have a relative, friend, or neighbor check your brake lights every time you leave to go to the grocery store? That just isn’t practical—or even possible in most cases.

Sometimes it is hard to tell if your headlights are busted.

In the United States, including court costs, a ticket for brake lights that don’t work can cost you well over $50. That’s not a ton of money, really, but it also isn’t cheap. That’s a decent meal for two at an okay restaurant.

Furthermore, I don’t know how things work in other countries, but it is illegal to warn other drivers that a police officer is nearby. People do that a lot where I live. Drivers flash their lights. If a police officer were to notice their doing so, they could end up being fined over $50.

They generally only do so if there is speed trap. I do not encourage speeding. I know a lot of people who drive way too quickly, and they drive me nuts. However, it is basically impossible to drive exactly the speed limit, and I have gotten pulled over for driving below the speed limit. I have also gotten pulled over for driving just the tiniest bit over the limit. You can’t win. If a police officer wants to ticket you, they will.

Back to Officer Jenkins—it is really neat that he was able to fix the problem; I’m surprised he took the time. People say a lot of nasty things about police officers these days, but they shouldn’t; most of them are really great people.

4. The Marine and the Bunny

Image Source: Twitter

This is just the best. When you think about what the average U.S. Marine has to go through on a daily basis, I am guessing nursing the bunny back to health was the highlight of his day. Who wouldn’t want to interact with a baby bunny?

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I want to know more of the story, though. Where did the soldier find the bunny? Was there an instant bond? And what is the bunny doing now? I suppose it is possible that he adopted the bunny as a pet.

Rabbits are adorable, but they’re not the easiest pets in the world. They need a lot of exercise as well as interaction. They also like to chew things, so they may damage your possessions. It is also worth noting that pet rabbits often live for ten years or more. In a lot of ways, rabbits require as much work as a little dog. They can be just as destructive.

In college, I knew a couple of girls who kept a pet bunny in their apartment. It just kind of hopped around and was generally pretty easygoing, although it did ruin an expensive textbook. The girl was not real happy with her pet bunny that day. I wonder if the bunny is still alive. I’m guessing that’s not the case, but you never know. I suppose it is technically possible. That would be one old bunny, though.

It is kind of sad when you think that pet bunnies can live for more than a decade, but rabbits generally don’t make it past two when out in the wild. The life of a wild rabbit actually sounds very depressing, and I am glad that I didn’t end up being born one.

5. The Prom Date

Image Source: Reddit

This must have been a wonderful surprise. I wonder how expensive the flight was. It couldn’t have been cheap; that girl’s parents must love her very much. I wonder why he was in Chicago! I am guessing he was going to school there.

Prom is a very special time for many high school students—so I hear. I didn’t go to my senior prom. The tickets were fifty dollars, and tuxedo rental would have cost an additional $100. I wasn’t dating anyone, and you can get two or three video games for that amount of money. Prom only entertains you for a night; video games last for weeks or months.

I did go to my junior prom, though, because my mom made me. It sucked for several reasons. For one, I had to wear a tuxedo. I am one of those guys that just does not look good in a tux. I think I looked like a penguin. I haven’t worn a tuxedo since that day, and I probably never will. Those who read my work regularly have probably figured out I’m not the sort of guy who gets invited to fancy parties.

Also, the food at the dance was terrible, and the setting was horrible. Furthermore, there was an after-prom event at the high school after the dance. You were allowed to hang out there all night; I couldn’t do so, though, because I had to get up super early to go on some stupid tour of a university I didn’t end up attending. I don’t know why I bothered with that tour; I knew I couldn’t afford the school. What a waste of a day that was.

6. The Coins

Image Source: Reddit

These coins are essentially worthless. There’s a Christian relief organization that gives them away if you make a donation—which explains the angels on the coins. Anyway, the story here is that some old guy was trying to trade them in for actual money at a bank, and the person behind him offered the old guy $20 for the pair. The old man’s wife was in the hospital at the time, so he definitely needed the $20. Hospitals aren’t cheap, that’s for sure. A cup of water will end up costing you $20.

7. The Sleeping Parents

Image Source: Bored Panda

The story here is that someone’s parents were visiting; they attempted to stay awake to greet him when he returned home from work after his shift, which is sweet. Clearly, however, they failed.
I can’t blame them. I’m much younger than they are and I often have trouble staying up past 10 pm. You can only drink so much coffee, after all, and sometimes there’s just nothing good on television. Why stay awake?

8. The Guy and the Guitar

Image Source: SunnySkiz

This is a neat twist. Ordinarily, people who play guitar in subway and train stations are trying to make money for themselves. This person is apparently trying to raise money for the homeless, which is great.

This guy just likes to play the guitar, which is understandable. Playing an instrument is a fun way to pass the time. Why not do so while raising money for those who need it?

I have personally heard people say that the only people who end up homeless are those who don’t really want to work. Nothing could be further from the truth. Companies shut down, and people get sick. Medical bills alone can bankrupt a person, and then they might have nowhere to go. If you have bad credit and don’t have family or friends to help you out, it can be very easy to end up on the streets.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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