8 People Who Died After Suffering Broken Hearts

5.Father and son die an hour apart

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A man in Irwin, Pennsylvania was watching Pittsburgh Steelers football on TV when he suffered a heart attack and died in 2011.

Charles McCauley was 83 years old. His son, Charles Jr, 54, was attending the game. He was told of his father’s death and was rushing to him when he had also had a heart attack and died.

The two men died just a few minutes more than one hour apart.

What a connection they must have had.

Friends and family were distraught by the horrible news and had trouble accepting it at first.

A tragic day for so many.

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6. Death by SADS

Mary Tamm, famous for her role as Rowena in the 1978 series of Dr. Who, succumbed to an arduous battle with cancer.

Her loving husband of 34 years, Marcus Ringrose, spoke at her service for 20 minutes, and it was so beautiful that everyone was touched by it.

The next day, he was found dead by family members who were lodging with him. He was on his floor in the liv no room and the cause of death was determined to be SADS, or sudden arrhythmia death syndrome. A deadly arrhythmia that is brought on by great stress. A huge disturbance in the rhythm of the heart happens, and there is nothing to be done.

That’s a beautifully tragic response to losing the love of your life.

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7. Couple goes together

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Another example of a couple dying within hours of one another is George and Pat Pittman.

George and Pat had been married for 55 years when Pat was put in the hospital with a spot on one of her lungs.

George didn’t leave his love’s side. He was already ill himself, and when he knew she was going, he told her that she could go, and that he was coming with her.

Twenty one hours later, he died from an aneurysm.

They also were given a double funeral. Their daughter said that, in life they were inseparable, so this is just how they would have wanted to die as well. Together.

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8. Mother dies following stillbirth

After almost dying the day I delivered my stillborn son, this story really gets to me.

Twenty-nine year old Lindsay Clift died from a heart attack just hours after her baby daughter was born sleeping. She was admitted to the hospital because she was well past her due date.

Her husband, Darren, said they had no reason to think the day wouldn’t end in joy. They’d tried a long time for this baby, named Katy May.

The doctors were preparing to induce labor when they found that the baby girl had passed away in the womb.

Five hours after this brave woman had to deliver her dead child, she collapsed and doctors believe it was an amniotic embolism that killed her.

Her husband thinks it was that her heart was broken. He says he feels better thinking that she chose to go with their daughter rather than that something was wrong.

Poor guy lost his entire family in one day.

These people suffered great tragedy and just didn’t make it in the world without their loved ones. It’s amazing testament to the connections we have with one another. When one person passing can affect another to the point that they can’t go on, that’s true love.

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Written by Amanda Johnson

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