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8 Pictures That Are Both Amusing And A Bit Upsetting

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Strangely enough, the funniest things in the world are often disturbing or a little unsettling. You probably can’t think of a comedy movie that didn’t disturb you a little bit. Most of them involve some sort of physical pain.

It is sort of weird that we as a species laugh at the pain of others, but we’ve been doing it for a while now. “The Three Stooges”, for example, proves that. Even many decades later, people still watch their short films. It is kind of hard to believe 190 of them were made, but it is true.

Here are nine examples of pictures that are amusing and a bit upsetting.

1. The Shadow

Image Source: Dump a Day

That is one creepy-looking shadow. It freaks me out a little bit.

It makes me think of the old “Alfred Hitchcock” show; if you’re not familiar, look it up on the internet. The music alone used to scare me as a child. That was one terrifying intro—at least to my six-year-old self. I have no idea why I was watching a show that first started in 1955 when I was six—other than the fact my mom really liked it.

You’re probably more familiar with his movies; he was, for example, the director of “Rear Window”, which starred Jimmy Stewart. I wish Jimmy Stewart was still with us, because he made a lot of great movies. He was definitely one of the best actors ever born. Personally, I was a huge fan of “Vertigo”.

In addition to being one of the biggest Hollywood stars ever, Stewart also served in World War II.

2. The Backwards Clothing

Image Source: Bright Side

It is obvious this person just has his clothing on backwards; while funny, it is also sort of upsetting and disturbing. It is possible I am traumatized from seeing “The Exorcist” at an inappropriately young age. I think I was about seven. Trust me when I say that seven-year-olds do not need to see that movie. That spinning head scene was just creepy.

I also saw “The Omen” at around that age—which is another movie that just isn’t appropriate for small children.

The sequel to “The Exorcist”, by the way, is one of the worst movies ever made; that’s probably why you’ve never seen it. While the original scared me a lot, I liked it. Even at a young age I could recognize it for its artistic merit. The sequel has absolutely nothing redeeming about it. It is actually considered one of the worst movies ever. The plot was completely nonsensical. There was something about hypnotism and the synchronization of brains. There were a lot of locusts, too—I remember that.

There are bad movies out there that are nonetheless entertaining; for example, the “Sharknado” movies are truly terrible, but they’re kind of worth checking. You don’t want to check out “Exorcist II”. There is absolutely no point in doing so.

In 1990, “The Exorcist III” was released, which came as a surprise to many because the second one was so very terrible. That one might be worth checking out if you’re a huge fan of the original film. The second one is basically ignored—as it should have been. Reviews of the film were mixed, but it was a vast improvement over the second one.

One of the stars of “The Exorcist III” is Brad Dourif. Fans of horror probably know him best as the evil doll from “Child’s Play” and its many sequels. That franchise is 30 years old, and they’re still making new movies. In fact, a television series is in the works.

3. The Truck

Image Source: Reddit

I definitely do not need to explain why this image is disturbing and upsetting. I do have questions, though, of course. How did this happen? Did this truck drop from a plane? I can’t see how it would happen otherwise. I also can’t think of a single reason a plane would be carrying an enormous truck.
I really hope the driver was okay. The front of the truck looks to be intact, so that’s good. Still, you kind of have to assume there were at least minor injuries.

I’m assuming the truck eventually tipped over, which was probably scary for anyone nearby. It is fun to think it is still standing like that, though. I doubt it, though, as a strong wind could probably knock it over.

4. The Bananas In the Car

Image Source: Imgur

I like bananas well enough, but I generally only eat a couple a week. They really aren’t as good for you as you might think. The truth is that they don’t contain nearly as much potassium as—for example—spinach does.

There are enough bananas in that car to last a lifetime. Who owns that car? Donkey Kong.

I do enjoy “Donkey Kong” games; I wish they would make a brand new one for the Switch, but I haven’t heard anything about one. He’ll be in the new “Smash Brothers”, certainly, so that’ll be fun, but I really want a proper “Donkey Kong” platformer. A port of a 2014 Wii U game was released earlier this year, which was a good thing for the franchise because only about seven people ever owned a Wii U, but a brand new game would be a delight. The 2014 game, by the way, was considered by many gaming sites to be one of the best games of the year. Therefore, if you have a Switch, you might want to consider purchasing it.

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You can’t think of Donkey Kong without thinking of the” Mario Brothers”, though. When “Super Mario Bros.” came out in 1985, it pretty much saved the video game industry. There’s a relatively good chance the industry wouldn’t exist today—or wouldn’t be nearly as successful and advanced—if it weren’t for “Mario”.

When I was a kid, it was considered nerdy to play video games, which was terrible for me because I really like video games.

Nowadays, being good at video games can make you thousands or even millions of dollars a year. I probably should have spent more time playing video games and less time playing the piano as a child, but I couldn’t predict the future. YouTube didn’t exist back then.

If you have a kid that really likes video games, you should probably encourage him or her. He or she might be able to pay off your house at the age of fifteen.

By the way, it often costs more for companies to make a really good video game than it does for film studios to make a blockbuster summer film. They frequently cost over $200 million to create. There’s a reason video games cost as much as they do.

5. The Toes and the Pencils

Image Source: Humor Side

What is going on here? I’d really like to know, honestly. Why are there two pencils? One pencil is weird enough.

I have to wonder if this person is actually writing something. One of my few talents is being able to pick things up with my toes, but I don’t think I could write something down with my toes. I could easily pick up a pencil with my toes, sure, but actually making letters would be impossible.

I could train myself to write with my toes—I guess. Why would I want to, though? It would take forever. Besides, I frequently go days without writing anything down on paper. I typically just make notes on my computer and email them to myself.

I know for a fact I can’t type with my toes. I was really bored one day and thought I’d give it a shot. I actually managed to type out a few words, but it took over 15 minutes. That little attempt was not the best use of my time. I can’t begin to express how bored I was. There was absolutely nothing on television worth watching.

6. The Woman and the Sword

Image Source: Reddit

My first thought was that this woman is too old to be carrying an enormous sword. I got worried.
After a bit of consideration, I realized I was discriminating against her due to her age. She’s probably only a few years older than my mom, and I support my mother’s right to carry around an enormous blade—if she wants to do that for some reason. She has back problems, so I hope she doesn’t, but her decisions are her own. I also have back problems, so I shouldn’t carry around an enormous sword either.

My mom never learned to fence or anything like that, but I have to admire her for learning to play video games in her 30s. She actually really likes “Mario Kart” and has her own 3DS. She also really likes “Animal Crossing”. She loves the “Zelda” games. This sword reminds me of a “Zelda” sword. I watched her finish the original “Zelda” when I was a kid; I helped her do it by shouting advice at her, and it was one of the proudest moments of my life.

I am kind of ashamed to admit that my mom has beaten me at “Mario Kart” dozens of times. I should probably be proud, but it is just so embarrassing to admit you have lost at a video game to the woman who birthed you. She was also surprisingly good at “Goldeneye”. It gets worse when your dad makes fun of you for losing to your mom, which my dad definitely did. He had no right to do so, however, as he is awful at video games. He is good at chemistry, though, and I almost flunked it in high school—I probably shouldn’t be too hard on him.

7. The Girl and the Door

Image Source: Facebook

I just can’t understand why she is doing this. For what, precisely, is she practicing? I suppose there are certain jobs that require young women to hang upside down for a little bit, but the one specific job I’m thinking of doesn’t involve refrigerator doors. It might involve refrigerators in certain venues, I guess; if that’s the case, though, I really don’t need to know more.

This is an impressive feat. Frankly, though, I’m surprised the door can hold her up in such a fashion. I always thought refrigerators were pretty flimsy as far as appliances go. A guy I knew in college once broke a refrigerator door by opening it too quickly and with just a little too much force. It wasn’t his apartment, either; it turned into a messy scene in more ways than one.

I hope she didn’t fall and hurt herself. That would be upsetting.

8. The Lizard and the Laptop

Image Source: Reddit

So apparently you can bring a pet lizard to class now. Life is so unfair. When I was in college, I couldn’t bring my dog to class; I would have, too, because the girls would have loved him. I would bring my current dog to my favorite watering hole now, but my bartender friend has assured me I’m not allowed to do so. I wonder if I could bring a lizard!

These days, when I think of lizards, I think of the American soap opera “General Hospital”. There is a character on the show who has a pet lizard. It is something of a “therapy lizard” for him. I would argue that the show is getting sort of out there lately, but it always has been. This is the soap where there was a storyline about an “Ice Princess”. There was also, at one point, an alien who interacted with a little girl who would eventually grow up to become a brilliant doctor. Her mother was—and is—a spy. It is such a strange show. It is hard to believe it has been on the air for over 50 years.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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