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8 Pictures That Will Warm Your Heart and Brighten Your Day

Image Source: Reddit

Most of us need our days brightened and our hearts warmed.

When I speak of hearts being warmed, I’m not speaking literally. If your heart is literally warmer than it should be, that’s probably a bad sign. You should stop reading the internet and get to a hospital as soon as possible. You might have a fever, and those can be serious. I had a really high one last year and forgot a couple days of my life. I would be upset about that fact, but I rarely have days that I actually mind forgetting.

I do want my days brightened, though. I live on the east coast in the United States, and the weather here has been total crap. I’m genuinely surprised when I find out it isn’t going to rain. It is going to be a long winter, I imagine. My car doesn’t handle well in the rain or snow.

If you need your heart warmed or your day brightened, here are nine pictures that might do just that.

1. The Kid That Didn’t Have a Costume

Image Source; Reddit

The story here is that this kid couldn’t afford a proper costume, so he went to school without one. Apparently kids are allowed to go to school in costumes on Halloween these days, which I would have enjoyed. Anyway, the school somehow managed to get him this super neat Iron Man costume. It really is quite impressive as a costume. Iron Man was never my favorite superhero, but I understand the appeal of the character.

Also, how impressive is it that Robert Downey Jr. has been playing the character for a decade now? He is going to be in the next movie, too, which is set to come out in 2019.

When I think about superheroes, I generally think about either Batman or Spider-man. The latter is my favorite. There’s apparently a really good Spider-man video game out for the PS4, which is one of the only reasons I’m sorry I don’t have one. The only good baseball game comes out for the PS4, too; as a baseball fan, I find that obnoxious. I am not made of money, after all. I can’t buy all of the systems!

2. The Guy Who Had His Arm Stolen

Image Source: Reddit

The story here is that this guy’s prosthetic arm was actually stolen out of his vehicle; fortunately, police officers were able to recover it. Anyone who has ever complained about getting a speeding ticket should remember that cops can be pretty cool.

Who the heck steals a prosthetic arm? I don’t understand the point. Don’t those things have to be custom fitted?

I did see a prosthetic leg for sale once, and I was really confused. It was at a pawn shop, and I couldn’t figure out why it was there. I couldn’t figure out why the shop bought it, and I couldn’t figure out why anyone would sell it. You must be pretty desperate for money if you’re selling fake limbs.

Anyway, you have to be a real jerk to steal someone’s prosthetic limb. I’m just glad this guy got his back. I do not approve of his pants, however. Why are there stars on his pants? That’s just weird. Does he think he is Captain America, or something?

3. The Positive Messages

Image Source: Reddit

These nice little notes were being left around Cambridge Bay, which is in Canada. Some person or organization was trying to encourage mental wellness.

I would like to see a note like this—or twenty—around my town. I have seen notes left on utility poles, true, but they’re usually about missing dogs. Once in a while, someone leaves a note that points out everyone who lives in town is something of a jerk. As you can imagine, they don’t use the word ‘jerk’. The actual term is a lot more colorful, and for that reason I won’t repeat it here.

I don’t want to be the guy who points this out, but I will; there is a very irritating and obvious grammar mistake here. If you are going to try to make people feel better with random notes, check your grammar.

4. The Professor and the Class

Image Source: Reddit

This is a cool professor. I didn’t have many cool professors like this when I went to college. To be perfectly honest, I can’t recall a single professor that really stood out from the crowd. There was one who also worked for one of the cable news networks, and I am proud to say that I got an ‘A’ in the class, but I also can’t really remember what I learned. That leads me to believe I didn’t learn a thing; I am just good at writing papers and taking tests.

I did have a teacher in grade school, though, who was very memorable. He taught history and geography, and he would frequently wear costumes. He was definitely one of the nicest, coolest teachers I ever had. It warms my heart to know he’s still teaching at my old grade school. I am quite sure that kids twenty years younger than I am are enjoying his lessons.

When I was eleven, he made me learn the name of every country on the planet and where that country was; this was a while back, so I’m sure a lot of those countries are named something different now, but I am happy to report that my knowledge of geography is far better than that of the average American. If I had the opportunity, I would thank him for that. There are a lot of Americans who can’t find their own country on a map. A lot of Americans don’t even know who the vice-president of the country is. I’m sort of embarrassed for my fellow citizens.

5. The Married Couple

Image Source: Reddit

Unless you are trapped in a particularly bad marriage, this one can’t help but make you smile a little. You should be excited about getting married years after the actual wedding. You should only have one wedding day—a day that often costs you and your relatives tens of thousands of dollars—but marriage is forever. Well, in theory it should be forever. Your spouse is supposed to be your best friend for the rest of your life; sadly, however, that is often not the case. In the United States, roughly 40 percent of couples end up getting divorce. The statistics get even more depressing when you factor in second and third marriages.

Due to the fact I am extremely neurotic and generally unattractive, I have never been married and never will marry. However, I like to think that if someone was desperate enough to marry me, probably to gain US citizenship, I would treat her well. I also like to think that I wouldn’t spend tens of thousands of dollars on what is no more than a party for my relatives and friends.

If I did have a proper wedding, though, it probably wouldn’t cost me very much. I only have about seven friends and I don’t talk to most of my family. I am assuming that my parents would show up, but it is hard to say with them. If there happened to be a really good sale at Wegmans, they might consider skipping it. Then again, if I were to get married, I would probably hold the reception at Wegmans, which means they could do their shopping while wedding photos were being taken.
If you are not familiar with Wegmans, you are missing out. It is literally the best supermarket chain on the planet. I have never tasted produce that is as good as what Wegmans has to offer. The one near me has a lovely little restaurant attached; that’s where I would hold the reception. As for the actual ceremony itself, I would just have my bride walk down one the store’s aisles. That’s so romantic, right? How is that no woman has ever wanted to marry me? I’m still hoping I’ll find the one!

6. The Color Blind Viewer

Image Source: Abacul

I think this one is nice. People don’t really consider the needs of the color blind people; I don’t have the condition myself, but I do know someone who is color blind, and I hear it is a real drag.

I appreciate the state of Tennessee for doing this. I have always wanted to visit that state. I should probably consider moving there, in fact; for one thing, it is warmer there in the winter than it is here.

Furthermore, I have always wanted to visit Dollywood. If more than two million people visit the theme park every single year, they must be doing a lot of things right. From what I have read, there are a lot of great roller coasts at Dollywood, and I do love roller coasters. I can’t really ride them anymore because I have back issues, sadly; however, if I ever find out I have a terminal illness, I am going to travel the world and try to ride as many coasters as I can. They’re just so fun!

If you’re not familiar with Dollywood, you should be. The American entertainer named Dolly Parton owns it. Parton is primarily known for singing country music, but she is also an actress and writer. She has written literally thousands of songs.

7. The Library Move

Image Source: Facebook

There was, for reasons unexplained, a rent increase; it forced a library to move. A bunch of people lined up to help the library move its books, which is why this scene happened.

I think this whole thing is great; I support libraries, even if the only time I go to one is to vote. How does “rent” increase when it comes to libraries? What kind of government tries to get more money from places that basically encourage children to read?

I spent a lot of time in my college’s library. Sadly, however, I was not there for the fun reason. I was there to learn. It wasn’t until after I graduated that I came to learn it was a place where my fellow students would go to enjoy themselves with other students—if you know what I mean. I had no idea at the time! I even worked at that library and had no idea. I was a very naïve young man.

8. The Woman, the Kitten, and the Shelter

Image Source: Reddit

The story here, which involves a kitten, is fantastic. The lovely young woman pictured here rescued a kitten and decided to take it to a shelter. I am not sure why she didn’t keep the kitten; she might have had allergy issues. If that is the case, I can relate. I love kittens, but I could never own one. I would never stop sneezing.

Anyway, the shelter was in debt—to the tune of $5,000. Therefore, it couldn’t take the kitten and was going to close. This woman, because she apparently had five grand to give away, paid off the debt. The kitten and other animals were saved! It is always nice when a story has a happy ending.

I hope this young woman is living a happy life. She deserves all of the lovely things that life has to offer. People that love animals are good people.

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