8 Reasons You Should Probably Believe There Are Aliens Out There

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The majority of people are skeptical regarding the possible existence of alien life in the known universe, no matter how advanced it might be. However, many scientists claim alien life probably exists and we are therefore not alone in the universe.

The typical scenario of little green humanoids that come to Earth and abduct people for experiments is probably very far from reality. In fact, the most likely possibility is that some kind of alien microbes or insects exists in the universe: this is almost statistically confirmed – for the following eight reasons.

1. The So-called Law Of Averages

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The scientific circles agree on the fact that billions of other solar systems and even galaxies exist in the endless cosmos, and their number increases with every new discovery.

Simple logic suggests that if space has no actual end, there will therefore always be new planets to be found – with each one, the possibility of finding alien life increases.

If we assume that just one percent of all the planets in space are inhabited, this would be an impressively large number of cosmic objects that host life-forms. In other words, it is likely that there is a lot of alien life to be found. But we must keep in mind that these are merely assumptions and suggestions. No hard proof of alien life exists until now. Some people actually are firm believers that alien life does not exist at all.

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2. Water Can Be Found (Almost) Everywhere In the Universe

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It would be appropriate to say that water is the key element to have on any space object in order for it to host life, at least from our perspective as human beings. The good news for all the people hoping that one day proof for of alien life will be found is that water is practically everywhere; however, it is often not in liquid state, but rather frozen solid. However, there are many planets and especially moons in our solar system that almost certainly possess signs of water in liquid state.

There are differing opinions regarding the presence of water on Mars. That said, Jupiter and Saturn’s moons, for example, have clear signs of liquid water. Enceladus, which one of the moons orbiting Saturn, is thought to regularly blast huge streams of vaporized water directly into space from numerous cracks in its ice-covered surface, which means the object is geologically active and in theory could provide an appropriate environment for life forms to thrive.

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